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8/23/07 9:20:00AM
If Mark Hunt fought Jeremy Williams (former pro-boxer, 4-0 in MMA with some wrestling background

Obvoiusly Hunt has a lot better pedigree in MMA, but would this be like the Cro-Cop-Hunt (or even most of Nishijima-Hunt) where both guys just keep it standing? Who wins and how does the fight go down?

Before you give the quick "Hunt" answer, take this into consideration:


(not saying that settles the debate, but it gives you something to think about as far as necessary strategies)
8/25/07 8:17:43AM
I doubt Hunt would bother taking it to the ground to be honest.

Does this williams have necessary KO power to beat Hunt? There's no doubt he will outstrike him as a pro boxer as Hunt's stand up is pretty dire.
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