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POLL: Who would win?
Marquardt by Decision 35% (8)
Marquardt By TKo/KO 13% (3)
Marquardt by sub 0% (0)
Okami by Decision 30% (7)
Okami by TKo/KO 22% (5)
Okami by sub 0% (0)
4/17/08 3:06:06PM
Who would you pick?

Personally i see myself takeing Marquardt by Decision.
4/17/08 3:20:08PM
They are very similar fighters but i think Marquardt is just a little better on the ground so id pick him. i dont think either would finish each other so id pick Marquardt by UD
4/17/08 3:25:04PM
Yeah i think Marquardt is the more versatile fighter on the ground, but Okami is stronger...
4/17/08 3:25:30PM
4/17/08 5:06:14PM
Ah, keen eye.
4/18/08 12:54:29AM
Marquardt by ground in pound tko late in the fights
4/18/08 10:15:32AM
okami hands down winner by ko
4/18/08 12:16:11PM
Okami by decision. I think it would be a really boring fight with Okamy controlling him for 3 rounds with his strenght and wrestling.
4/18/08 9:52:33PM
though call,but im going with okami ko or tko round 2
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