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POLL: Who would win
Lawler 64% (18)
Kang 36% (10)
3/16/08 4:33:34PM
Both predominant strikers, who would win?
3/16/08 4:58:38PM
Robbie has more Power and more of a Brawler, Kang has more of a Kickboxer's Stance and has Technical Striking with good combos and crisp legkicks. I'd say since Kang's been in K-1 with the brawlers he'd take the Unanimous Decision.
3/16/08 5:01:36PM
Kang did also get KO'd by akiyama with an uppercut. Lawler does throw some nasty power behind those uppercuts.
3/16/08 5:23:01PM
In the cage, Kang, with a chance of a wild KO by Lawler.
In the ring (MMA or other) Kang by absolute domination.

Lawler is not as good as he's believed to be. If Lawler got intimidated and took him down he's still be dealing with a technical fighter who came form a groundfighting base.

If Kang decided to not throw too many high kicks, focus on Lawlers achiles heel (his lacking leg kick defense) and use his boxing he'd pick Lawler apart.

I think in a ring Kang could hang with ((ANYONE)) at 185. Bit this is a cage.

Regardless, Kang KO late in 2ed or mid late 3ed by TKO.

Maybe Kang is really overrated, who knows?
3/16/08 5:34:51PM
I would like to see lawler take him out... but kang is the more rounded fighter imo, robbie still has a punchers chance at the KO!
3/16/08 6:17:17PM
Robbie's power would overwhelm Kang. Robbie is a different fighter now, he is more improved and not as reckless.
3/16/08 10:42:57PM
This would be great slugfest. Robbie hits harder and can definitely take a better punch. I'd take Robbie by KO in the 2nd. Would be a freakin war though.

People have to take notice, Robbie is ten times better then a brawler. He's a patient brawler. He use to just rush in and it cost him. Now he's patient and he's a freakin monster. Yeah Khang has technique but a patient Robbie will defend Khangs great technical striking and unleash at the right time and KO Khang.
3/17/08 2:48:48PM
I pick Kang. It is anybody's fight they both can KO and be KO'd but I think Denis Kang's technique would shine through.
3/17/08 2:50:43PM
gotta go for lawler, he looks so much better and has so much power in this strikes
i think he's the best pick to beat silva for the title, dana just needs to get him back
3/17/08 6:08:55PM
Lawler would smash
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