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3/28/08 4:42:25PM
Just wondering what people would think of this idea, unless someone has already thought of it, or if it would even be possible.
I think it would be fun to have a fantasy grand prix tournament. You could take10 or 12 top qualifying members and or camps and do a tournament style fantasy game based on event perfromances. I know there would have to be tie breakers and all that good stuff. You could still do the regular fantasy camp and individual scoring, but just add the tournament once or twice a year to crown the grand prix champion. Maybe have two one for the UFC events and one for the Secondary league. Thoughts? Different ideas?
3/28/08 7:16:55PM
sounds like it good be a good idea
3/28/08 7:17:37PM
Sounds pretty cool; Hey I think I know your brother that guy is a bad sob.
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