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8/3/12 1:20:01PM
I have set up a fantasy football (Soccer) league for any fellow playgrounder's who wish to play. it is free entry and is based on the English premier league with one European player allowed ie Messi, Ronaldo etc.

MMA playground league

The pin number is 8001152

All players welcome
8/3/12 3:34:00PM
Ive joined mate
8/3/12 9:32:43PM
last season I actually checked a few scores and standings every now and then It didn't help that my boss is an Arsenal fan lol. I may sign up later just for the joy that I could finish ahead of some of you soccer fans

is there a draft or is it a salary cap system or just pick players to fill your roster?
8/4/12 3:43:52AM
You have a budget, you have to pick a squad of players that fit within that budget!
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