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10/16/08 9:04:47PM
I thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss fantasy football related topics. Feel free to add your own questions.

Here's mine.

For those who play, I need some opinions.

League parameters. 8 teams/15 keepers/25 players

Trying to find young wrs who can/will become stars. I already have Jennings, Edwards, and Holmes as current and future stars.

I also have Breaston, S. Smith(NYG), Rice, and J Jones. I would hate to give up on Jones or Rice, as I feel they could be very good, but they can't stay healthy long enough for me to evaluate them this year. I have interesst in Donnie Avery, Mike Walker, and Josh Morgan as potential players. Remember, I am looking for possible top 10 WR guys.

Would you take flyers on any of these guys?

My team: QB P. Manning
RB: Brown, Turner, S. Jax, Lynch, Parker, R. Williams, F. Jackson, K. Smith, and D. Ward
WR: Jennings, Edwards, Holmes, Ocho Cinco, Holt, Welker, Breaston, Smith, Jones, and Rice
TE: Cooley and Daniels
Def: Pitt and Vikings
K: flavor of the week

any and all opions on my team would be appreciated and it doesn't have to pertain to my original question.

10/16/08 9:32:05PM
I am sorry but this has to be a keeper league if you are considering those young guys, no?

If not, then a little advice. Young players that you named, should never start over your top guys.....i dont care what anyone tells you, ive been doing football fantasy for 10 years, and NEVER would i go young, unless it was a Roy Williams type rookie a few years back or Moss, or CJ. Nobody is really going to grab the spotlight this year for rookies, except maybe 1 or two. And you didnt name 1. So if this is not a keeper, go with what you have or make a trade.

10/16/08 9:48:58PM
Yes, it is a keeper league. I guess I should have made that more obvious. We keep 15 keepers every year. This is my 12th year in FF and my league's 10th. I am just taking flyers and want to be in the best position possible come roster cuts. We do this about three weeks before the season starts and can trade anytime during the off season.

It would be a long shot for any of these guys to be in my final 6 or 7 wr's that I'll prob keep, but this is an ultra competive league and any little advantage can be huge.

Basically looking for some opinions on guys who could be break outs next year ala Turner who've I held all of last year because I knew he would be a free agent.
10/16/08 10:03:07PM
Well two guys who come to mind...sorry dont have much time to think..but

Bowe KC WR will be huge for years to come, and wait till he gets a better QB throwing, i expect Moss/Cullpepper #s once this happens.

James Hardy Buffalo will be huge once he goes to #2. He is 6"5 from Indiana and going to be a big red zone threat for years to come.
10/16/08 10:07:35PM
Bowe could be huge if KC gets their act together. Unfortunately both players mentioned are on rosters.

Do you have an opinion on where you would rank the following wr's in potential.

Sidney Rice, James Jones, Steve Smith, Josh Morgan, Mike Walker, and Donnie Avery.

Its tough, but just looking for some other opinions. Basically Morgan, Avery, and Walker are, as ridiculous as that sounds, some of the more promising prospects. It's a league of 8 teams with 25 players per roster.
10/16/08 10:22:23PM
Sidney Rice, James Jones, Steve Smith, Josh Morgan, Mike Walker, and Donnie Avery.

Rice has a ton of talent. He is big and fast, but the injury he suffered seems to be holding him back. I am not huge on Jackson QB of Minny. So if Jackson remains in Minny. I would stay away from Rice.

Smith is good, but seriously. With Burress around, nobody will get big stats. Maybe once Hillard retires, you could see Smith steal the 2nd spot.

Morgan will be nothing in SF for at least 3 seasons. So take it for that.

James Jones, the kid can catch...he is young and has some major skills. The thing again is, when will he have the chance. At least he has a QB who likes to throw the balla round. I'd keep an eye on him.

Walker...seeing he is on the Jags I would turn to someone else. No Jax Jag has done anything in 15 years, except Jimmy Smith. So he dont have Brunell throwing to him. And Gerrard and Jax is a run first team, and always will be.

Avery is solid, only think that hurts him is size. Thing that is good, he had 6 catches last week, and he was the Rams best player. Id take him due to the fact, Rams love to pass, and they have a good qb. Rams will always trail, so expect them to throw 60% of the time.

So if i were you, id grab Avery. If you are able to get another, go with Jones.

Hope this helps.
10/16/08 10:30:45PM
Thanks for the input. Rice, Jones, and Smith are already on my team. I guess there isn't going to be a solid answer one way or another

Didn't you start a league on this site? How is it going?
10/16/08 10:44:49PM
yep, its on CBS. Going good. 4-2
1st place in my division
Not a keeper league

hurting by injuries though

QBS Romo, Anderson, V Young
RB LJ and Willie Parker...maroney, s. young
WR B Marshall, V Jackson, A Gonzalez, Baskett, S McDonald
TE Zach Miller
K Kris Brown

so needing to do some add/drop soon, and maybe a trade...
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