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8/24/07 3:48:08PM
I started up a fantasy football league on fox sports. Its called MMa fans. Anyway, it's free and our baseball one is going well. So if anyone here is a serious player, who will stick it out to the end. Let me know and I'll get you an invite. Hers the scoring system and league parameters

Draft Settings [Edit]
Draft Type Live
Draft Date Sat, Sep 1
Draft Time 9:00 PM ET
Time limit 60 seconds per pick

League Rules [Edit]
General Rules:
Max Teams in League 10
Divisions 1
Add/Drop Rules:
Can't Drop List Yes
Waiver Period 2 days
Undrafted Players Start on Waivers
Initial Waiver Order Reverse Draft Order
Waiver Order Reset Reset Weekly - Inverse of Standings
Weekly Waiver Rules Place unowned players on waivers
Trade Rules:
Trade Policy League Approval (voting)
Voting Period 2 days
Max Objections Allowed 4
Trade Deadline Week 12 (Nov 20, 12:00 AM)

Rosters [Edit]
Quarterback (QB) 1
Running Back (RB) 2
Wide Receiver (WR) 3
Tight End (TE) 1
Running Back/Wide Receiver (R/W) 1
Place Kicker (PK) 1
Defense/Special Teams (DST) 1
Bench (BN) 10
Total Roster Size 20

Scoring System [Edit]
Passing Touchdowns 6.0 point(s) for each
Passing Yards 1.0 point(s) for every 25 yard(s)
Passing Interceptions -2.0 point(s) for each
Rushing Touchdowns 6.0 point(s) for each
Rushing Yards 1.0 point(s) for every 10 yard(s)
Receiving Touchdowns 6.0 point(s) for each
Receiving Yards 1.0 point(s) for every 10 yard(s)
Offensive Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown 6.0 point(s) for each
Any 2-Point Conversion (Rush, Rec, Passing) 2.0 point(s) for each
Place Kicking:
Field Goals Made 3.0 point(s) for each
1.0 point(s) for each between 40 and 49 yard(s)
2.0 point(s) for each between 50 and + yard(s)
Extra Points Made 1.0 point(s) for each
Defense/Special Teams:
Sack 1.0 point(s) for each
Safety 2.0 point(s) for each
Interceptions 2.0 point(s) for each
Fumble Recovery 2.0 point(s) for each
Blocked Punt/FG/PAT 3.0 point(s) for each
TD scored by Defense 6.0 point(s) for each
TD scored by Special Teams 6.0 point(s) for each
Points Allowed by Defense
12.0 point(s) when between 0 and 1 point(s)
7.0 point(s) when between 2 and 6 point(s)
4.0 point(s) when between 7 and 13 point(s)
1.0 point(s) when between 14 and 20 point(s)
0.0 point(s) when between 21 and 27 point(s)
0.0 point(s) when between 28 and 34 point(s)
0.0 point(s) when between 35 and 41 point(s)
0.0 point(s) when between 42 and + point(s)
Miscellaneous Scoring Settings:
Regular Season Game Tiebreakers Use Tiebreaker System
Fractional Points for Yards Gained Yes
Negative Points for Yards Lost No

Playoffs [Edit]
Playoff System 2 Teams, 1 Week, no byes
Start Playoffs Week 14
8/24/07 3:51:01PM
sweet i like FF alot
8/25/07 5:30:52AM
Ill send you the invite
8/25/07 5:44:07AM
I would be down, been playing for a while... Thanks.
8/25/07 6:25:10PM
Invite sent
8/25/07 7:14:41PM
I'd like to join. Plus I think the misses will play also
8/25/07 7:16:05PM
Im in, thank you!
8/25/07 7:21:57PM
I'll join the league.
8/26/07 8:35:31PM
Info on the way
8/26/07 11:17:36PM
im in as well
8/27/07 12:07:36AM
I'm game!
8/28/07 12:55:30AM
Taylor and Butterballs's . Info in your mailbox
8/29/07 9:17:28AM
still have 3 spots left
8/30/07 2:42:11PM
still looking for a few more players, sign up ASAP
8/30/07 7:03:41PM
anyone else who thinks they no football out there?
9/3/07 9:09:59PM
sorry fellas but you are all goin down!
10/6/07 4:40:30PM
So how is everyone doing so far?
12/11/07 9:47:06AM
Do I get a tag under my name for this?
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