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POLL: Fantasy Fights!
Anderson Silva vs Georges St.Pierre 62% (8)
Fedor Emlianenko vs Brock Lesnar 23% (3)
Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez 8% (1)
Frankie Edgar vs Kenny Florian 0% (0)
Rampage Jackson vs Shogun Rua 8% (1)
Lyoto Machida vs Chuck Liddell 0% (0)
7/5/10 12:25:49PM
I have awesome fantasy fights that would hopefully happen one day in UFC !
7/5/10 1:47:29PM
I would have to go GSP-Silva, as it is most likely going to happen if Silva beats Sonnen and GSP beats Koscheck, I think most people would agree that this is one of the biggest fantasy fights, but probably the fight that is most likely going to happen.
7/5/10 2:12:40PM
I know it's a rarity but I am not all that psyched up for a GSP AS fight as the rest of the world, the size difference, the fact that there is only one way I could see GSP winning the fight is enough for me to have lost interest about a year ago. I don't want to see GSP lose to AS anyways because of my personal dislike for AS.
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