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POLL: Whose Main Event do you like the most?
AchillesHeel 7% (1)
DeadHead988 13% (2)
Budgellism 20% (3)
Rabi 13% (2)
gspfan 27% (4)
horstmeyer34 20% (3)
4/30/11 2:43:04PM
Overall Table

Budgellism 34
Rabi 33
DeadHead988 31
gspfan 29
horstmeyer34 27
AchillesHeel 26

Budgellism completes the comeback and goes into the final round with a 1 pt lead, any if the top 3 could win going into the final vote.

The final vote is for our Main Event, please vote for the fight you would most like to see.

1. AchillesHeel

Jon Jones v Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for the Light Heavy Weight Title

2. DeadHead988

Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes

3. Budgellism

(Champ) Cain Velasquez v Fedor Emelianenko

4. Rabi

Anderson Silva v Lyoto Machida

5. gspfan

Alistair "Demolition Man" Overeem v Junior "Cigano" dos Santos

6. horstmeyer34

GSP v Nick Diaz
4/30/11 10:34:47PM
Its been a long journey guys. I will miss you all <3
4/30/11 10:44:15PM

Posted by horstmeyer34

Its been a long journey guys.
I will miss you all <3

haha, it's been fun guys. I'm definitely interested in being apart of the next draft, whenever that may be. Great cards btw. I would love to see all of them.
5/1/11 12:19:35AM
HAHA. GSP kept it standing with Jake so there would be NO chance of getting caught. After seeing this Diaz vs GSP looks even more interesting. hmmmm
5/1/11 2:17:24AM
who wouldnt want to see the War of the front kicks, Silva v Machida LOL! ( Need votes).
5/1/11 1:20:04PM
Final Results


Budgellism 3
DeadHead988 2
horstmeyer34 2
AchillesHeel 1
Rabi 1
gspfan 1


Budgellism 11
DeadHead988 10
horstmeyer34 10
AchillesHeel 8
Rabi 8
gspfan 8

Overall Table

Budgellism 45
Rabi 41
DeadHead988 41
gspfan 37
horstmeyer34 37
AchillesHeel 34

Congrats to Budgellism who wins the Fantasy Draft UFC style, thanks to everyone who took part in the draft and thanks to every one who voted.
5/1/11 1:32:34PM
5/1/11 1:34:36PM
I would prop you Budge but I have to spread the love.
5/3/11 8:21:06PM
Thanks for the props guys. It was fun and gave me something to look forward to every day for a couple weeks. Can't wait for the next one.
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