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POLL: Favourite HW/LHW Draft
Achillesheel 55% (11)
Trollking 45% (9)
2/9/11 3:21:27PM
There will be 5 first round matches with the 5 winners going to the final, each vote will last approx 24 hrs.

First up is Achillesheel v Trollking who were both given the weight classes of HW and LHW.

Please pick your favourite out of the 2 Grand Prix's and vote at the top.

Good luck to both


Brazil vs. USA Open-Weight Grand Prix

The Opening Round...

Match #1: Anderson Silva (27-4, 6' 2") vs. Matt “Meathead” Mitrione (4-0, 6' 2”)
Match #2: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (31-8, 6' 1") vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (11-6, 6' 2")
Match #3: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (19-4, 6' 2") vs. Brendan Schaub (7-1, 6'
Match #4: Randy Couture? (19-10, 6' 1") vs. Luiz Artur Cane (10-3, 6' 2")
Match #5: Brock Lesnar (5-2, 6' 3") vs. Marcio Cruz (7-2, 6' 4")
Match #6: Lyoto Machida (16-2, 6' 1") vs. Brett Rogers (11-2, 6' 5")
Match #7: Ryan Bader (12-0, 6' 2") vs. Roger Gracie (3-0, 6' 4")
Match #8: Renato "Babalu" Sobral (36-9, 6' 0") vs. Daniel Cormier (7-0, 5' 11")

My Predictions...

Quarterfinal: Anderson Silva vs. Rampage Jackson
Quarterfinal: Lil' Nog vs. Randy Couture
Quarterfinal: Brock Lesnar vs. Lyoto Machida
Quarterfinal: Roger Gracie vs. Daniel Cormier

Semifinal: Anderson Silva vs. Randy Couture
Semifinal: Lyoto Machida vs. Daniel Cormier

Final: Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida


1st Round

Fedor v Rothwell,
Mir v Barnett,
Big Nog v Nelson
CC v Carwin,
Arlovski v JDS
Sylvia v Kharitonov,
Aleks v Antonio Silva
Valesquez v Werdum,

Quarter Final

Fedor v Barnett
Big Nog v Carwin
JDS v Kharitonov
Aleks v V Valesquez

Semi Final

Fedor v Carwin
JDS v Valesquez


Fedor v Valesquez
2/9/11 3:32:57PM
I think both finals are amazing match ups and there are some really interesting matchups in both Grand Prix's for me, overall i preferred the BIG HW match ups that Trollking has gone for, especially in the later rounds and that was my reason for voting for Trollking.
2/9/11 3:36:34PM
I really like both cards, but i think Trollking edges it out with the main event
2/9/11 4:16:08PM
Can i vote for Myself ... Trollking
2/9/11 4:20:11PM
Yes mate, ill be voting for myself
2/9/11 5:23:27PM
A lot of these match-ups, on both sides, seem pretty one sided on paper, but Silva vs. Machida is a fight that I would give my left nut to see happen. De facto, that's going to get my vote.
2/9/11 7:10:21PM
Close Match. The Match-ups were tit for tat in terms of compelling.

Achilles Heel -
1. Rampage v. Anderson
2. Brock v. Machida
3. Anderson v. Machida
4. Anderson v. Lil Nog (think he'd beat couture)
5. Rampage v. Gonzaga

TrollKing -
1. Fedor v. Velasquez
2. JDS v. Velasquez
3. Fedor v. Carwin
4. JDS v. Kharitonov
5. Fedor v. Barnett.

In the end i go with Achilles, as Rampage and Machida are personal favorites and the competitiveness throughout the tournament is just a tad-bit higher. All the favorites still have tough Match-ups. Where Fedor gets Rothwell, Anderson Silva gets Mitrione, and that match-up is still tough as hell for Anderson Silva.
2/9/11 11:21:18PM
I give it to TK by a very narrow margin for cleaning out the HW division.
2/10/11 3:39:49PM
Achillesheel advances to the final 11-8.
2/11/11 8:44:30AM
Danke, to all who voted.
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