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1/9/11 5:57:43AM
Its been a while since we had a draft game so i thought I would set up the first one for 2011 and hopefully get enough people to make it work.

Here is how it will work, I need 12 players ( including myself). The players will be randomly decided and placed in a snake draft. Every player will have 12 hours to make there pick.

Everyone will then pick 16 fighters to take part in there own 16 man tournament. You will pick fighters from your own category which will also be decided randomly.

The categories are:

HW and LHW
LHW and MW
MW and WW
WW and LW
LW and FW
FW and BW

So everyone will have 2 weight classes to make there Grand Prix. You can only pick a fighter who has fought at that weight class within the last 5 yrs.

You cant choose a fighter who has already been picked or who is not in one of your weight classes. If you miss your 12 hours the draft will continue and the player who missed there pick can catch up when they log back in.

2 players will be placed in each category. Once the draft has been completed you will go head to head with the player in your own category. We will then have 6 finalists.

If you would like to take part then either add your name below or PM me. If you have any questions then please ask them on this thread and I will answer them asap.

If I cant get 12 people then I will see how many people are interested and go from there.

Draft Order

1. bmaker - FW & BW - Aldo, Omigawa, Joe Warren, Gamburyan, Bowles, Sandro, Homonick, Benavidez, Nunes, Tayaka, Yahya, Assuncao, Brown, Mizugaki, Jabouin, Davis
2. Franklinfan47 - MW & WW - GSP, Sonnen, Aoki, Franklin, Maia, Marquardt, Kampmann, Lawler, Kim, Hardy, Leben, Cung Le, Askren, Almeida, Zamorskis, Sakuraba
3. gspfan - WW & LW - Nick Diaz, Alves, Koshcheck, Anthony Johnson, Condit, Daley, Sanchez, Story, Lytle, Ellenberger, Woodley. R MacDonald, Foster, Hughes, Hendricks, Saunders
4. Danclarke1992 - LW & FW
5. Achillesheel - HW & LHW - Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Machida, Lesnar, Bader, Lil Nog, Couture, Sobral, Roger Gracie, Schaub, Gonzaga, Cane, Rogers, Cruz, Cormier, Mitrione
6. Rabi - WW & LW - Edgar, Melendez, Maynard, Alverez, Henderson, Guida, Sotiropoulos, Nate Diaz, Pellegrino, J Thomson, Sherk, Edwards, Griffin, Bocek, Gomi, Cerrone
7. Hendo67 - FW & BW - Dominick Cruz, Faber, Torres, Hansen, Jorgensen, Fernandes, Yamamoto, Poirer, Grispi, D Johnson, Imanari, Barao, Fabiano, McDonald, Ueda, Palomino
8. Trollking - HW & LHW - Fedor, Valesquez, JDS, Carwin, Big Nog, Barnett, Werdum, Antonio Silva, Mir, Arlovski, Sylvia, Kharitonov, Rothwell, Nelson, Aleks E, Cro cop
9. Pookie - MW & WW - Penn, Belfort, Wandy, Henderson, J Souza, Fitch, Santiago, Manhoef, Palhares, Akiyama, T Kennedy, Filho, Minowa, Swick, Sakara, Leites
10. CaranoGirl - LW & FW - Pettis, Hioki, Chad Mendes, Dunham, Florian, Kawajiri, J Miller. Guillard, Barboza, Menjivar
11. Ncordless - LHW & MW - Jon Jones, Evans, Shields, Okami, T Silva, F Griffin, F Cavalcante, Cote, Liddell, Teixeira, Belcher, Misaki, Falcao, Maldonado, McFedries, G Harris
12. Kpro - LHW & MW - Overeem, Shogun, Mousasi. Phil Davis, Lawel, Lombard, Bisping, Stann, J Miller, Ortiz, De Lima, Arona, Riberio, Vera, Barosso, Terrell
1/9/11 11:36:26AM
I'll play.
1/9/11 12:42:57PM
I'll join
1/9/11 2:11:21PM
Ill play. Im confused about something though, if we get two weight classes, do we pick 8 from each? Or is this one mixed-weight tournament?
1/9/11 2:26:36PM
As long as you only pick fighters from the 2 weight classes you are given there is no rules on how many fighters you choose from each weight, you could even have 16 from 1 weight class and ignore the other weight class if you think that would give you the best 16 man Grand Prix.
1/9/11 2:38:11PM
ill play
1/9/11 3:19:06PM
I like the set-up, but I do think that anyone at FW/BW is going to be at a disadvantage.
1/9/11 3:22:23PM
Possibly, but that is were the luck of the draw will come in, I think combining the weight classes you will be able to get a pretty strong Grand Prix though.
1/10/11 12:34:36PM
5 so far, is anyone else interested in joining in.
1/10/11 4:10:39PM
I'm in!

I haven't done one of these in a long, long time.
1/10/11 5:04:50PM
Count me in.
1/10/11 5:24:53PM
Thanks for the great responce so far, I would like 5 more players please.
1/10/11 8:22:45PM
1/11/11 1:35:32AM
Excellent response so far, would like another 3, is anyone else interested.
1/11/11 5:44:31AM
Just need 1 more, once I have them I will do the draw and set up the draft.
1/11/11 7:25:05AM

Posted by Rabi

Just need 1 more, once I have them I will do the draw and set up the draft.

Lock it up! I'm in baby
1/11/11 7:39:11AM
Excellent we now have are 12 players. I will do the draws tonight after work and get the draft started. Thanks to everyone who joined in.
1/11/11 1:14:25PM
This is the draft order and the 2 weight classes we have all been given, good luck to all. ( I will use the first post to update the draft so we can follow who has been chosen).

1. bmaker - FW & BW
2. Franklinfan47 - MW & WW
3. gspfan - WW & LW
4. Danclarke1992 - LW & FW
5. Achillesheel - HW & LHW
6. Rabi - WW & LW
7. Hendo67 - FW & BW
8. Trollking - HW & LHW
9. Pookie - MW & WW
10. CaranoGirl - LW & FW
11. Ncordless - LHW & MW
12. Kpro - LHW & MW

bmaker is up first, your 12 hrs starts now.
1/11/11 11:10:46PM
Oh, this is going to be fun.
1/12/11 3:25:13AM
my bad
1/12/11 3:28:40AM
ignore post
1/12/11 3:30:45AM
Is that the way we are doing it? Usually we just pick one fighter at a time.
1/12/11 3:32:03AM
shitty post #3
1/12/11 4:28:40AM
PM me if I'm in as I may not check the thread later, but I noticed the same person is pick 4 and 12 and may have been an accident. Let me know.
1/12/11 4:38:41AM
So Bmaker still has to make his pick right?
1/12/11 5:14:11AM
This has got off to a bad start LOL, bmaker has got the wrong end of the stick. You have to pick 1 fighter at a time. I will PM him, I will also correct the draft as kpro is in the draft, bmaker still needs to pick but Franklinfan can also pick as the 12 hrs are up.

1/12/11 10:27:49AM
Georges "Rush" St. Pierre.

1/12/11 10:45:14AM
Sweet me and Ncordless are LHW/MW, I hope he can make weight because I want to take Ncordless with my first overall pick if he's still available at pick 12.
1/12/11 12:59:59PM

Posted by Kpro

Sweet me and Ncordless are LHW/MW, I hope he can make weight because I want to take Ncordless with my first overall pick if he's still available at pick 12.

It depends on how long I have until the tourney starts. If the tourney starts within the next year, I am probably not going to make weight as my workouts consist of carrying around thick books in a backpack and staring at a computer screen for hours.

Since we are directly competing, I suggest you take Sean Salmon with your first pick as he is a good approximation of my own skills.
1/12/11 1:13:08PM

Posted by ncordless

Since we are directly competing, I suggest you take Sean Salmon with your first pick as he is a good approximation of my own skills.

Don't sell yourself short.
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