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1/22/09 2:39:56AM
There is a lot of fantasy mma games going on at the moment and I am really enjoying them.

I have yet another idea:

For this game to work I will need 12 people ( inc me ) to take part. Those 12 people will then take it in turns to choose a fighter to place in to there fantasy 8 man grand prix. The picks will be done as a snake draft and the draft will be randomly decided.

There will be 6 weight classes: HW-LHW-MW-WW-LW-FW. The weight class that your grand prix will be will also be randomly chosen. 2 people will each have the same weight class. Womans MMA will not be included.

Fighters can move up a down 1 weight class as long as the move seems realistic. For eg HW that fight at 250lb will not make a LHW grand prix. Super HW fighters can be included in the HW grand prix. Fighters that fight at 2 weights or have recently changed weight can fight at either of those weights but not a weight either side of both those weight classes.

For eg

Anderson Silva can fight at LHW or MW, but not HW and WW.
BJ Penn can fight at WW or LW but not MW and FW.

Each person will have 12 hours to make there pick. If that is not done they will be skipped, but they can make there pick next time they log in, they dont have to wait until there next pick.

Once the draft is complete we will each compose our own 8 man grand prix. We will start with the QF and then play the grand prix out with you saying who would win each round until you have a winner.

For Eg

Fighter A v Fighter B A wins
Fighter C v Fighter D D wins
Fighter E v Fighter F F wins
Fighter G v Fighter H G wins


Fighter A v Fighter D A wins
Fighter F v Fighter G G wins


Fighter A v Fighter G A wins

People can then vote on what would have been the most exctiing Grand Prix.

1. Pookie HW

Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture, Alister Overeem, Frank Mir, Andrei Arlovski, Antonio Noguiera, Gabriel Gonzaga, Tim Sylvia

2. Rabi LW

BJ Penn, Shinya Aoki, Sean Sherk, Joachim Hansen, Clay Guida, Tyson Griffin, Josh Thomson, Urijah Faber

3. Beardotheweirdo LHW

Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Antonio Rogerio Minotoro Nogueira, Ricardo Arona, Keith Jardine, Matt Hamill, Jon Jones

4. RampageOwnedYou LHW

Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Mauricio Rua, Chuck Liddell, Forest Griffin, Renato Sobral, Brandon Vera, Ryan Bader

5. Boo_Radley21 WW

Georges St Pierre, Josh Koshcheck, Matt Hughes, Karo Parisyan, Matt Serra, Joe Stevenson, Marcus Davis, Melvin Guillard

6. Evenflow MW

Vitor Belfort, Melvin Manhoef, Wanderlei Silva, Cung Le, Luis Cane, Chris Leben, Goran Reljic, Benji Radach

7. King_Katool WW

Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch, Anthony Johnson, Mike Swick, Dustin Hazelett, Jake Shield, Carlos Condit, Chris Lytle

8. Hendo67 HW

Josh Barnett, Brock Lesnar, Sergey Kharitonov, Aleksander Emelianenko, Mirko Cro Cop, Cain Velasquez, Pat Barry, Mark Hunt

9. gspfan LW

Kenny Florian, Eddie Alverez, Diego Sanchez, Roger Huerta, Nick Diaz, Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante, Gray Maynard, Frankie Edgar

10. Wolfenstein MW

Rich Franklin, Gegard Mousasi, Nate Marquardt, Michael Bisping, Robbie Lawler, Damien Maia, Jorge Santiago, Yoshihiro Akiyama

1/22/09 3:13:19AM
You can count me in.
1/22/09 3:15:34AM
me too
1/22/09 9:38:14AM
Um...didn't your last fantasy game get shut down before it even started?

Maybe we should cool off for a bit.
1/22/09 9:45:47AM
The last draft has finished so i thought it would be ok to set up another one. it will only work if people want to do it though. If there is not enough responce it wont go ahead. Surely thats the fairest way to decide if we do a draft or not.
1/22/09 9:46:58AM

Posted by ohiostate1016

Um...didn't your last fantasy game get shut down before it even started?

Maybe we should cool off for a bit.

Yeah, I tried to play two of them and got lost, now another I cant keep track.
1/22/09 10:06:00AM
Its easy to keep track of. each thread has its own title and that relates to what is being discussed in the thread. Wether it be a game or a subject.

The fantasy UFC game i do was moved from one forum to another by one of the Mods but the thread is still active.

I dont know what other games you could be talking about, but if you let me know I can tell you were it is.
1/22/09 2:09:03PM

Posted by casey64

Posted by ohiostate1016

Um...didn't your last fantasy game get shut down before it even started?

Maybe we should cool off for a bit.

Yeah, I tried to play two of them and got lost, now another I cant keep track.

You guys trying to get this shut down? If you don't want to be part of it, you don't have to.
1/22/09 3:28:59PM
im in
1/22/09 5:03:30PM
Count me in Geesh i need to get a life
1/22/09 6:48:14PM
You can sign up Beardotheweirdo and myself again

Maybe we should ask permission, dont want to get in trouble again lol
1/22/09 8:17:12PM
I'm down.
1/22/09 9:07:42PM
i'm in! i love these
1/23/09 3:20:17PM
If I can get one more, I will reduce the draft to 10 and miss out the FW division.
1/24/09 6:52:29AM
I gonna go ahead and start the game with 9. If someone else decides to join before we do the first round of picks then they can join in as player 10 and have what ever weight class is left. I will do the draw for picks and weight class shortly.
1/24/09 7:10:10AM
The order has been done and the weight classes has been decided.

Pookie has 12 hrs from now.
1/24/09 1:50:36PM
Fedor Emelianenko
1/24/09 2:08:52PM
BJ Penn

Beardotheweirdo you are up
1/24/09 7:48:37PM
I'm taking Anderson Silva
1/24/09 7:50:39PM
RampageOwnedYou you are up.
1/24/09 7:52:42PM
Thats easy.

1/24/09 7:55:31PM
Boo_Radley21 you are up
1/24/09 9:20:33PM
Georges St. Pierre
1/24/09 10:51:26PM
Well I gotta pick Vitor
1/25/09 12:40:12AM
I'll take the #10 spot if it's still available.
1/25/09 1:04:45AM
thiago alves
1/25/09 1:59:08AM
Josh Barnett
1/25/09 2:06:51AM
Kenny "KenFlo" Florian
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1/25/09 2:11:22AM
Nobody else has responded, so I don't see why it would be a problem for Wolfenstein to take the final spot.

You're up if so.

Also, I think we should clarify right now weather or not it's a rule that the cards are to stay anonymous.
1/25/09 9:30:52AM
Wolfenstein, you are up. Im not bothered about them staying annonymous. I will go with the majority.
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