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1/11/09 1:33:26PM
There is a lot of fantasy mma games going on at the moment and I am really enjoying them.

I have yet another idea:

For this game to work I will need 12 people ( inc me ) to take part. Those 12 people will then take it in turns to choose a fighter to place in to there fantasy 8 man grand prix. The picks will be done as a snake draft and the draft will be randomly decided.

There will be 6 weight classes: HW-LHW-MW-WW-LW-FW. The weight class that your grand prix will be will also be randomly chosen. 2 people will each have the same weight class.

Fighters can move up a down 1 weight class as long as the move seems realistic. For eg HW that fight at 250lb will not make a LHW grand prix. Super HW fighters can be included in the HW grand prix. Fighters that fight at 2 weights or have recently changed weight can fight at either of those weights but not a weight either side of both those weight classes.

For eg

Anderson Silva can fight at LHW or MW, but not HW and WW.
BJ Penn can fight at WW or LW but not MW and FW.

Each person will have 12 hours to make there pick. If that is not done they will be skipped, but they can make there pick next time they log in, they dont have to wait until there next pick.

Once the draft is complete we will each compose our own 8 man grand prix. We will start with the QF and then play the grand prix out with you saying who would win each round until you have a winner.

For eg: A beat B with a RNC in rd 1. Each person will decide there own Grand Prix out come and then people can vote on the best Grand Prix. You cant vote for your own.

1. Rabi
3. RampageOwnedYou
4. Beardotheweirdo
5. cmb19932
1/11/09 2:04:39PM
1/11/09 2:47:27PM
make me 3
1/11/09 2:51:18PM
Sure why not.

But what do you mean, we say the result of the GP , then ppl vote?
Dont you mean we do the bracket up and ppl vote?

Ill join, but could you explain on this.

1/11/09 3:11:43PM
i'm down for this
1/11/09 3:13:54PM
why not im in
1/11/09 3:22:54PM
second thought, this aint for me, thanks anyway
1/11/09 3:30:46PM
OK guys, let's slow down on the games a little bit for now. There are getting to be almost too many here. Let's let what we've got play out for now, then once they're done we can do this one.
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