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12/16/07 2:22:35PM
This would be amazing.... Imagine if they had all the old school
UFC fighters come back and fight each other, like if they had
Ken Shamrock come back for a 3rd fight with Bas Rutten.
Except the current rules would apply...the commisions wouldnt
allow the older rules. But anyway.....

Main Event: Ken Shamrock vs. Bas Rutten 3

Main Card: Royce Gracie vs. Pat Miletich (at 175)
Mark Kerr vs. Pedro Rizzo
Dan Severn vs. Don Frye

UnderCard: Tank Abbott vs. Pete Williams
Mark Coleman vs. Maurice Smith
TK vs. Oleg Taktarov
Marco Ruas vs. Kimo Leopoldo
Cal Worsham vs. Tim Lajcik

That would be hella cool!

12/16/07 2:24:47PM
it would be awful, because most of them if not all of them are past it
12/16/07 2:31:22PM
Main Event: Kevin Randleman vs. Bas Rutten 2
-That first fight was bullshat! Randleman controled him throughout. LNP? The 1st 5 minutes Kevin was throwing bombs. Another case in which the judges are retarded

Mark Coleman vs. Petey Williams 2
-What a lucky ass kick the 1st time out. What has Petey done since? Coleman would spank him in a rematch.

Ken Shamrock vs Frank Shamrock
-Both in there primes in the UFC and were the best fighters alive in there primes. But Ken says he dominates Frank in training and that this fight is happening. Would be a good interesting fight! But I think Frank knocks him out

Tank Abbot vs. Don Frye 2

Randy Couture vs. Josh Barnett 2
-Get to the bottom of this, I think the same thing happens

Maurice Smith vs. Pedro Rizzo
-Two great strikers, let's do it!!!

12/16/07 4:07:30PM
it would be sweet to see old school vs new school...

Ken Shamrock vs Rampage (not for title)
Royce Gracie vs GSP
Tank Abbott vs Cro Cop... lol sorry haha

Kimo Leopoldo vs Shogun
Coleman vs Arlovski
Bas Rutten vs Gonzaga

Pat Miletich vs Karo
Dan Severn vs Syliva
Don Frye vs Werdum

Mark Kerr vs Sean Sherk and BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson (1 vs 3, just for entertainment... haha)

but yea i think it would be wicked if there was a card that had all of the old school fighters of UFC... But they wouldn't bring back Tank, shamrock, or royce i bet... just be cause shamrock is done, royce on steriods, and tank is a streetfighter and so outta shape... haha

12/16/07 11:59:50PM
Main Event:
Frank Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock

Main Card:
Shonie Carter vs Matt Serra 2 (technically 3)

Caol Uno vs Mac Danzig

Josh Barnett vs Tim Sylvia

Yves Edwards vs Clay Guida

Preliminary Card:

Charles McCarthy vs Edwin Dewees

Jeremy Jackson vs Tamdan McCrory

Wes Sims vs Heath Herring

Gary Goodridge vs Frank Mir
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