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9/24/08 7:26:09AM
Yahoo Sports Fantasy NBA registration has just opened. I can make leagues for us if there's enough interest. I'll make a league if I can get at least 6 commitments.

Edit: The sooner the better for getting a live draft before the season begins (October 29).
9/24/08 9:33:24AM
I would if only I followed basketball. However, it's by far my least favorite sport. Consider yourselves lucky. This just means that it's one less league for me to dominate!!!

9/24/08 9:48:34AM
i'll join
9/24/08 12:23:31PM
I'd be down
9/24/08 8:28:59PM
I am, as always, down for any fantasy sports games. I actually only play Yahoo for Basketball so PM me details when/if the league gets created.
9/24/08 9:09:08PM
im in
9/25/08 1:42:33PM
League created, details coming shortly. Live draft scheduled for 8 PM ET Friday, October 24 (weekend before season begins).
9/25/08 2:23:45PM
nevermind take my name out, I wasnt aware its Roto and not H2H. Plus the no cut rule isnt for me. Thanks anyway
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