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11/16/08 3:15:20PM

Posted by MFOTHER

without any spoliers...91 was great......i cant remember any other card that showed every fight....really really good

All the fights were shown on the UFC 53 card, but that was a while ago. I think this was a great card and a perfect way to draw in the newcomers who were just there to see Lesnar.
11/16/08 9:17:06PM

Posted by RampageOwnedYou

I dont understand why UFC cant do this for every card regardless of time...showing every fight makes it WELL WORTH the money spent.

Might I add the fans at the event WERE AMAZING!!! Not one boo for fighting or on the ground fighting.
Only boo i heard was for Lesnar...
GREAT night, very impressed!!!

They can't do it because PPV blocks have to be bought in 3 hour blocks. They can't go to 3 1/2 hours or even 4 hours without having to buy a 6 hour block.

At least that is what I've always heard on the issue.
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