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12/30/09 2:06:22PM
“What a difference a year makes,” Evans said in between screams of his name. “Last year I would have came in, probably got boo’ed out of the place, but it’s cool that everybody is receiving me well.” His fight on Saturday with Thiago Silva is incredibly important for keeping his place on the light heavyweight ladder, but he’s determined not to let the pressure make him freeze.

12/30/09 3:18:25PM
well his in-ring persona and his day-to-day persona are like polar opposites.
12/30/09 9:11:41PM
Yeah, until he stops the kiss throwing and crotch grabbing in the cage i cant warm up to him as a fan. WAR SILVA!!!!
12/31/09 8:14:44AM
i was booing for him a year ago against griffin know i will be cheering for him
his perception on the ultimate fighter changed how i felt about him
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