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3/21/08 12:22:23PM
I have been a fan since UFC 1, but I have to admit I didn't watch any for about 3 yrs
3/21/08 1:02:32PM
became a fan in 1994 when I saw Ken Shamrock sub Rutten in there pancrase match.
3/21/08 1:27:46PM
I was only about 8 or 9 when the first UFC aired. However, I was able to see quite a few UFC events around that age. I would have to say I became a serious fan about five or six years later in 98/99.
3/21/08 1:28:16PM
yea, same here ive been a fan since the first time i saw ken shamrock like 8 years ago.
3/21/08 2:33:01PM
After i saw Don Frye fight Yoshihiro Takayama.
3/21/08 3:28:20PM
my fanaticism began with PRIDE 13 in 2001. i was only 10 years old and i had no idea who any of the fighters were except renzo gracie. my dad made me watch it (thank god he did) because i was studying JJ at the time and he wanted to show me what professional martial artists looked like. i remember watching vitor secure a beautiful rear naked choke on a black guy, i think it was bobby southworth now that i start to think about it. also remember hendo beating renzo gracie because i was rooting for renzo based on the fact that he did JJ, but i was to be disappointed as henderson KOed him pretty fast.

from then on i started to watch MMA as much as i could and developed a passion for the sport by age 13. now i am 16 and live and breathe MMA.
3/21/08 3:51:32PM
I started as a fan of K-1, my dad always used to watch it with me, and i was always a huge fan of Andy 2001 came about and k-1 was having an andy Hug memorial event, and Mirko was making his MMA debut in that event against Fujita, after that i started watchhin MMA a bit more, and the rest is history.
3/21/08 4:03:02PM
UFC VII... Watching Ruas chop down a Polar Bear
3/21/08 4:46:31PM
Been a fan since 05. Was one of those "never seen it but it's BARBARIC!!!" people. I saw the Unleashed episode with the 2 Hughes Trigg fights and was hooked for life.
3/21/08 4:52:13PM
UFC 1 I was at my dads house and his buddy next door was watching some karate this on PPV so he ordered it for me and my bro I was like 11 at the time watched the next 10 mom got rid of cable and got tapes from friends its been a long time and boy has it changed
3/21/08 4:56:56PM
I've been watching since UFC 1.I was in third grade at the time I believe.Royce became my heroe after that.People always talked about Bruce Lee,Van Damme,Norris,Seagul,etc,when I was a kid,but I always would just say Royce Gracie would beat all those guys.

Then they would look at me funny and say; "who's Royce Gracie?
3/21/08 5:03:10PM

Posted by seanfu

Been a fan since 05. Was one of those "never seen it but it's BARBARIC!!!" people. I saw the Unleashed episode with the 2 Hughes Trigg fights and was hooked for life.

At least you're honest.
3/21/08 7:19:17PM
I'm a TUF 1ner.
3/21/08 7:22:33PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

I'm a TUF 1ner.

Me to.
3/21/08 7:49:57PM
When Vitor Belfort opened up that cut on Eastman's forehead was when i got hooked i was going through the channels came across that and watched MMA ever since
3/21/08 8:13:20PM

Posted by tylerlee123

When Vitor Belfort opened up that cut on Eastman's forehead was when i got hooked i was going through the channels came across that and watched MMA ever since

So, you're a fan of MMA because of the barbaric and gruesome side that it can showcase at times. j/k That was one hell of a cut!
3/22/08 12:13:52AM
I cant remember what year, but the first time i saw the UFC i loved it. I remeber watching it with my dad(RIP) He was a cable guy we watched at his work. It was still in the early UFC tournney days. I remember that cause we watched a guy take a bunch of knees to the nuts against the cage, then he came back to win. And then couldnt return for the next fight. Since then i have tried to get as much MMA exposure i can in NW pennsylvannia. Hickville USA the internet is a god send
3/22/08 3:02:59AM
98' after I seen UFC's Ultimate Brazil with both Rizzo and Belfort, I became a big fan of the sport and of those two fighters.
3/22/08 3:08:36AM

Posted by Aaronno9

Posted by NatedawgThaM

I'm a TUF 1ner.

I knew about it before TUF 1, but wasn't hooked till the TUF 1 Finale.
3/22/08 3:48:29AM
Since my dad took me to UFC 4 in Tulsa. I was hooked ever since then. I will say its been crazy how much things have changed in just a few years and even more so since TUF.
3/22/08 11:17:02AM
From the get go. Buddy of mine recoreded it and let me watch it. Was hooked
3/23/08 10:13:09AM
I was hooked when i saw Vitor KO wandy at Ultimate Brazil.........The best thing i have ever seen.
3/23/08 11:10:29AM
From UFC 1, but I slipped out of it when it wasn't being televised in Canada on PPV nor was it coming out on video. (This was some time around UFC 20-30)
3/23/08 11:28:10AM
I've been a fan since the events started. I'll date myself and admit to some former ignorance: When the UFC started I had a black belt in karate and close to one in TKD and I was a former HS wrestler. I thought the asian martial arts strikers were going to kill any of the grapplers. My logic was that it would take too long to finish a guy with wreslting (especially the kind of wrestling I knew of) and all the kung-fu/karate fighters would need to do was land one shot with the right part of their hand in the right place to cripple or kill whoever was hanging on to them. Same logic with western kickboxers and boxers vs. asian martial artists--I figured it would take a dozen or more boxing punches to finish a fight and only one karate strike. So unless the boxers could land over and over again without being hit he was going to get caught and lose.

Sounds crazy now, but I swear we could make those bricks and boards explode
3/23/08 6:36:19PM
I somewhat knew about it before TUF 1, around the early UFC 40's, and became hooked during the show. I kept up with it from the Fight Night's and TUF's and reading results online because my parents wouldn't let me buy the PPV'S and i didn't have any money cuz i didn't work yet. My first PPV i bought was 62 with Liddell vs. Sobral and have tried to not miss one since.
3/25/08 12:31:47PM
Im not going to lie about my inexperience in terms of MMA.

I watched the first few TUFs casually and would miss episodes a lot. That was my first experience with it. I really lost interest in the show after that and didnt really pay attention at all to it. If i was bored i would watch some of the highlight shows on spike but thats it. I liked the sport but just didnt have the time or motivation to follow it closely.

Last fall, i saw information about P4P rankings on the front page of yahoo and looked at the list. I didnt recognize many of the names. I decided that i would start following it a little closer. I read a few news stories. A month later i went looking for a better ranking system so that i could learn more and know more about who the top names were.

And thats when i found mma playground. Its ranking system came up in the search and i didnt really like it but i saw the fantasy game. I thought, this could be fun and it cant really be that hard. Since then ive become an incredibly hardcore fan. I dont miss PPVs ever, i watch other MMA orgs constantly. I dont know what changed but i love MMA so much more than i used to.

To put it simply, the playground is what converted me to the greatness that is MMA. Thank you for creating this website.
3/25/08 4:14:17PM
havent been a fan fo that long however im only low teens first event i saw was UFC 70 and after watching TUF 5 i was really hooked and ive only ever watched UFC 70, UFC 75, UFC 81, TUF 5&6 Finale, and have seen the last 3 UFN events and am watching next week event as well
3/27/08 10:39:44AM
ive been a fan since since i saw the pride mw grand prix 03. i have been totally hooked since then. ive got over 100 dvds bout 40 ufc about 40 pride events and many more smaller shows koc, wec,strikeforce, bodog i cant even think of alot of them. plus ive also been to 3 live ufc events.
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