A fan's UFC 205-lb Grand Prix tournament.

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9/3/07 12:35:31PM
Just for fun, I put together my "dream" 205-lb Grand Prix for the UFC.

(I know, I know, this is never going to happen. It's just for fun, to create some matchups we wouldn't otherwise see. I didn't bother paying close attention to scheduled events.)

Start with 22 fighters; 10 of them get a first-round "bye." Five rounds, 3 months apart, so the entire thing takes one year. Fight nights are in January, March, June, September, and December. The Final would be the headliner of a New Year's Eve show.

Preliminary event, in January, 6 fights on the card (add another 4 fights to round out the card - Randy Couture's next title defense, for instance):

Brandon Vera vs. loser of Nakamura-v-Machida
Keith Jardine vs. Paulo Filho (WEC Middleweight Champion)
Forrest Griffin vs. Doug Marshall (WEC Light-Heavyweight Champion)
Rashad Evans vs. Houston Alexander
Jason Lambert vs. Nate Marquardt
Michael Bisping vs. Yushin Okami

Alternates, in case of injury: Patrick Cote, Wilson Gouveia, Drew McFedries, and Terry Martin. It's possible one of these guys could luck out, and wind up fighting in the Quarterfinals or something, but that's life in the Octagon... (A clarification: Anyone who lost a fight would be put on the alternates list for subsequent rounds.)

Round-of-16, in March, winners of above matches, plus 10 fighters who got a "bye":
1. winner of Nakamura-Machida vs. Randy Couture
2. winner of Vera-Nakamura/Machida vs. Rampage Jackson
3. winner of Jardine-Filho vs. Dan Henderson
4. winner of Griffin-Marshall vs. Chuck Liddell
5. winner of Evans-Alexander vs. Wanderlei Silva
6. winner of Lambert-Marquardt vs. Shogun Rua
7. winner of Bisping-Okami vs. Anderson Silva
8. Rich Franklin vs. Tito Ortiz

Quarterfinals, in June:
A. Winner 1 vs. Winner 8
B. Winner 2 vs. Winner 7
C. Winner 3 vs. Winner 6
D. Winner 4 vs. Winner 5

Semifinals, in September:
Winner A vs. Winner D
Winner B vs. Winner C

The Finals in December, headlining a card (probably co-headlining, with another title fight).
9/3/07 12:56:17PM
---u put some middleweights in there...whats the reasoning?
9/3/07 1:08:18PM

Posted by LightsOut33093

---u put some middleweights in there...whats the reasoning?

A couple Heavyweights, too. There are some guys who I think could fight at a higher or lower weight class. In some cases, I think that because they've already done it. In some cases, I'm just speculating.
9/3/07 1:48:14PM
mine would be

shogun vs alexander
rampage - jardine
liddell - machida
dan henderson - bispbing
okami - tito ortiz
filho - rashad evans
nakamura - wandy

thats just really fast off the top of my head..
there some other guys in mma that belong there like...
alistar overeem, arona, lil nog, suko.. but wouldnt be able to participate
9/3/07 9:59:16PM
No Babalu?
9/5/07 9:32:21AM
Babulu can't fight in the UFC anymore (maybe one day, but not anytime soon).
I would love to see the UFC do ANY GP tournaments like PRIDE did. It would be great for any weight class. Dana should realize how much fans really enjoyed those GP tournaments. He could also take a lesson in production.
Maybe one day these "Dream GP" tournaments could become reality.
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