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2/14/08 1:17:25PM
I got a kick out of the fact that there's a Kristen Bell in one of my classes.

And, kickin' it a little old skool, there's also a Taylor Dayne (although it's a guy).

Well, I thought it was funny... Any (not so) famous people in your life?
2/14/08 2:15:41PM
I've got a buddy named Ben Stein and another named Andy Dick.
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2/15/08 7:52:19PM
When i use to hang around Ohio State campus I meet a guy named George Bush who was a MMA fighter. He was a cool dude and a bouncer at a local bar. He has some sick KO power and has tested it quite a few times. He is still active in his MMA career with a 5-0 record. I still talk to him when I see him but I got to know him from my other friends down there so I usually have to go to them to find out his upcoming fights and how his training is going.

Dana White needs to get him on an season of the Ultimate Fighter. Wouldn't that be some good marketing, people wanting to see George Bush fighting in the Octagon....
2/16/08 3:28:18PM
I had a buddy named Steve Martin and a commander named Steve Miller
2/16/08 3:58:28PM
some dude name john edwards, thinks he can "see dead people" lol
2/16/08 5:15:09PM
i know a kid named Joe Torre, ironically he hates the yankees.

also, i had to throw this out there, Michael Bolton from Office Space

2/16/08 7:24:27PM
I trained with a guy named Michael Jordan.

2/22/08 4:44:27AM
There was a guy at my highschool whos name is Will Smith, hes a skinny white kid lol
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