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8/2/12 6:58:44PM
Dude I aint refreshing, I hope it counts each time I go back and watch it, is the contest still going ?? I hope so, you are up to 324, would really love to send your fam to an event.
8/2/12 8:31:03PM

Posted by BigBadAl

I just watched it. You have a fantastic little pussy.

Something about the wolf avatar makes that all the more creepy

You got my view Spider, its stuck on 323 for some reason though
8/2/12 9:17:38PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

323!!!!! thanks guys. I know other people have been watching but the number hasn't moved. anyone know why?

Yes, when a video surpasses 300 views, youtube stops automatically counting all views, and starts verifying them as they arrive in batches with whatever algorithm they use to verify views as being legitimate. It will take some time for it to "unfreeze" but the views will be added once they are verified to be real.
8/2/12 9:22:53PM
Yeah i noticed when i got home from work and bummed me the fuck out for a min. I then looked into it and youtube does a bot check to see if my views are real. From what I gather it may take a day or two before we see the real total. It also says its keeping track of any new hits while frozen.

I do have to say you all are fucking awesome!!!!
8/2/12 10:17:40PM
found this pic of gannicus
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8/3/12 2:05:10PM
8/3/12 2:12:03PM
Done :)
8/5/12 3:12:32AM
8/5/12 1:24:50PM
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