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6/13/13 7:21:35PM
With announcing of title fights.
No Dallas super fight. Sucks

Left me with a decision.
I wanted gsp or Jones title in Texas

With Cain vs Jds. I really don't want to book Houston
For this.

On the other hand. Been to Vegas too much and
If I go in Nov for gsp ill have to go back to back months
For Dec as well which may lead me to cancel superbowl card

Question is go to Houston
Cain vs Jds
Maybe Barao vs cruz??

Or go in Nov.
See gsp. And another Vegas fight.
Prey for super Card for 20th anniversary of Ufc in Nov or Oct Houston
6/14/13 11:23:05AM
Which fight do you want to see the most? That's a question you have to ask yourself. For me, the Cain vs. JDS III is the most compelling. What adjustments will JDS make after getting thoroughly dominated in the last fight? Will he be able to land a KO blow early? That fight is much more suspenseful than GSP vs. Hendricks and Jones vs. Gus. I see both Georges and Jones having little to no trouble with their respective opponents. You also have to factor in the other fights as well. Which event will have the best undercard? It seems that you still have some time before purchasing tickets and all. I would wait a while before deciding for sure.
6/14/13 2:37:14PM
The wait is fine. Then again I booked for a hotel in march for Ufc 164 in Aug. Everything was sold out.

I'm just not a fan of paying to see another rematch of a fight live.

It's been three years since I last saw gsp fight.
Then again I am tired of Vegas fights

Never been to Texas. Would like to site see as well
6/15/13 9:59:25AM
I would go watch Hendricks dethrone GSP
6/15/13 1:38:57PM
Tough choice to make.

I'm just tired of Vegas fights. I'm going in IJuly and Dec
Honestly I think it will come down to which card gets the double title event.

Nov could see rousey vs Tate. No way this will be on a fox
Sports card. Or
Oct maybe Barao vs Cruz
6/26/13 1:51:16PM
I decided to go to Ufc 166 in Texas
And pass on probably a epic Ufc 167 in Vegas.

I need time off badly. Waiting one more month I couldn't bare it. Haven't had more than two days off in a row since April of last year. I'm burnt out at work.

Houston should be great
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