Fairtex great gloves, bad shorts!

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4/9/09 1:46:34AM
So I recently (Feb) bought the Fairtex MMA Shorts. They look bad ass IMO and fit great I pretty much love these shorts until tonight. I went to sprawl and kinda got caught in a firemans carry and in the mess I hear a tear. Its right beside the seem in the ass region of the shorts. Its like the seem is great and well done but the material was the weak link. Anyone know if Combat sports or Fairtex will stand behind the shorts or am out the money? I have had a pair of Tapout shorts for about a year and a half that I used about 4 times a week never a tear or thread issue. Lastly any suggestions on a new pair?
4/9/09 6:13:40PM
Combat Sports gives 120 days on the shorts so its all good!
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