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6/15/07 7:20:14AM

Ok i know this isnt MMA but im doin this to improve my standup in MMA so i hope it in somewhat way fits here :P

im soon heading over to Bangkok to train with the fairtex camp in Bangplee. And i was wondering if anyone have any tips or something cool or so to tell me about that camp or thailand? I would appriciate it alot since im heading there on my own..

maybe someone else is heading there from the 21 july and forward for 5 weeks?

6/15/07 9:26:08AM
I cant realy offer any advice myself, having not yet been to Thailand (though it is definitely high on my list of places to go!) but all I can say is Ihope you have been training hard, and that your diet has been exceptionally strict. If you are not in top shape they will break you down. They train very hard in Thailand, and coupled with the heat that you are not used to, its going to be tough, but it will be a very enjoyable and valuable learning experience!

I think next summer I might go to Thailand and train at one of the smaller camps for a fortnight or something, just to get a taste of they do Muay Thai in the authentic setting
6/15/07 11:32:43AM
hehe well im goin there in the opposite way. to get in shape.. so im looking at it that way... they have that kind of programme u can say... but im in for training hard.. just need that first week of getting used to it ;)
6/16/07 8:33:30PM
All I gotta say is you better be in shape when you get there. They are serious as **** about muay thai. It's their baby. If you ever give up or get too tired those thai's are gunna frown upon you :P

You probably know a few things about Thailand. In the USA/Canada, kids play video games. In Thailand, kids get up early, train, go to school, train and then go to sleep. I've seen those kids kick the shit out of each other it is insane.

6/18/07 12:10:27AM
yea i know i should be in shape.. but im heading there to get in shape... i rather would wait to go there when i would be in better shape but its not possible for me so its now or like in 3-4 years... and i rather go there now..
6/28/07 11:33:31AM
While your out here why not stop off at Bangkok Fight Club where I train, check it out; www.bangkokfightclub.com

My advice to you is get your cardio in order as much as possible, skip and run it'll help your transistion to the heat and most of all the humidity as you are arriving smack in the middle of our rainy season!

Get back to me if you want to hook up while your over here.

BTW I hear nothing but good stuff about the Fairtex Camp,

Good Luck and enjoy your stay in the land of smiles ; )
12/21/07 5:51:28AM
i had a great time in thailand, was really awesome.. good training etc. met buakaw, noong thoom and Samak (i think thats how its spelled/prounonced)
12/21/07 6:38:35AM
I'd love to meet Buakaw like, not so arsed about Nong Tom but a famous lady boy boxer is a famous lady boy boxer right?

Glad you had a good time mate!
12/21/07 2:40:15PM
Haven't you ever seen Kickboxer starring Jean Claude Van-Damme? I hope you know how to do splits, otherwise...
1/2/08 10:11:07AM

Posted by Mastodon2

I'd love to meet Buakaw like, not so arsed about Nong Tom but a famous lady boy boxer is a famous lady boy boxer right?

Glad you had a good time mate!

Buakaw... meh.

But if I got to meet Somrak Kamsing, Deiselnoi, or the Galaxy brothers...
The best advice I can give you is to focus on improving your cardio and flexibility, they will get you plenty strong. But if you don't have the lungs to run in the weather over there (It's going to feel like a pressure cooker if you go any time from late June through the first bit of September) and if you pull anything etc. while training, you're going to be in a world of hurt.

Outside of that, I would suggest taking the time to learn the basics of their culture and custom. The Thai as a people are very much rooted in tradition, and very polite. If you respect their ways and their culture, they will take care of you like family. But if you disrespect them as a people, or worse yet the King or Buddha, you are screwed. And for god's sake, if you decide to partake in the fleshly vices offered over there, be careful. Go somewhere reputable and take precautions, as HIV/AIDS is a pretty big problem.

Other than that, just listen to your trainers and don't be afraid to ask the people you meet who speak english to explain things or help you out in any way. I really cannot stress how wonderful the people of Thailand are, all it takes is a smile and a simple showing of respect and they practically welcome you into their lives like a long lost friend.Be safe,be very polite,and always show respect, and you will never want to leave.

Have fun, and take LOTS of pictures to share when you get back. If I get it okayed I'll be there this winter or next spring on shore leave (I'm a Navy guy) to train. Should be great.