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11/11/07 10:54:14PM

i like to post funny video on the site, this one is a he ok??

11/11/07 11:05:20PM
WTF?? I went to that guy's funeral the other day. That backflip actually killed him, believe it or not.

Another Budweiser commercial...
11/12/07 1:57:10AM
Some of the failed backflips had me cringing....... the only one that made me laugh was the karate dude that landed on his head and then got up and tried to play it off by swirling around his nun-chucks.... LOL!!!!
11/12/07 8:22:23AM
Seen most of these before, but its great to see them all in a compilation The first one is shocking, I bet that guy lost a few teeth and ended up getting his jaw wired together!
11/14/07 12:20:25AM
the drunk guy at the concert was so awesome
11/14/07 9:13:18AM
lol people are so stupid.
11/14/07 2:46:04PM
Ouch...thats why, I avoid backflips when possible.

11/15/07 7:12:07PM
i jst learnt how to backflip

but now i dnt wanna do em without mats
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