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8/5/12 10:11:56PM

Posted by infestructure

Posted by kopower

Posted by SpiderSilva

fishin when i can

I'm gonna have to raise you one

If you boys appreciate fish, you'll like these

Big Snapper and a Crayfish (mmmmmm)

It looks like that thing from Alien is on your face
8/5/12 10:52:41PM
I will have to dig through my hard drive for a picture.
8/6/12 5:38:12PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Posted by hymiekooken

too tall to be shoved in a kayak......but I was stoned

Straight outta the fuckin bayou

Well, not exactly the bayou, but definitely the swamp bro. The Lynches river somewhere in Lee county in SC......We got lost as all hell that day.......but had plenty of weed, so it was cool.....
8/12/12 7:55:19PM
Me and TUF live UFC fighter Daron Cruickshank. He's a cool dude and we live in the same area. About 10 mins in a car. He also posted this picture on his Facebook page if anybody is interested. Everyone here on this site probably knows Daron but he will get his name out there a little more when he fights at UFC 151 against Henry Martinez. If he pulls off the victory and I think he will his name will get out there more. TUF live ratings where down this year so this fight is gonna be huge.
Showing some support for my local MMA fighters.
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