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5/5/09 10:12:37AM
5/5/09 11:57:54AM
way to start out with el chucko
5/5/09 1:04:06PM
Astro Chuck sounds the coolest

Chuck -E- Cheese is what we would've had with some more KO's

Captain Chuck will get you high tonight

Liddelvis looks like a cool dude!

I believe Hpyno Chuck has been spotted in Vegas clubs

Where's Hannibal Liddell in a mask?

or Chuck's face on a deer for "Chuck Caught in the headlights Liddell"

Can someone photoshop Mosh Pit Girl delivering a patented Kongo nut shot? Or better yet, Kongo delivering Mosh Pit Girl's nut shot!

I love the mma Benny Hill clip. I used to watch Hill with my grandpa. Good memories.

mma Benny Hill
5/5/09 9:44:32PM
Elton Liddell
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