who should be the face of the ufc video game?

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4/28/08 9:34:37AM
It has to be rampage. Hes one of the biggest starts in the ufc, but hes also a pretty big gamer so i hear. He seems to be doing alot of promoting for the game, i cant really see anybody who would be a better choice. Id be pretty shocked if it wasnt a stare down between rampage and chuck.
4/28/08 11:42:59AM
i think forrest griffin

or Chuck luddell
4/28/08 11:53:49AM
I think it should be a montage of all the current champs
4/28/08 11:20:10PM
Kalib Starnes running from Nate Quarry has to be the picture....

Also they better have a sprint button for this game
4/29/08 2:22:30AM
Definately Forrest.

4/29/08 10:47:05AM
maybe just the logo, but if it were just one guy i would go with lidell or gsp
4/29/08 1:15:13PM

Posted by tomsmith17381

what about gsp, rampage and bisping side by side that way you have the 3 big target markets covered u.s, u.k, and canada

Good idea but no doubt it'll be Chuck and Rampage face to face with Dana in the middle.
4/29/08 1:35:47PM
Anderson Silva
4/29/08 3:22:37PM

Posted by juanez13

GSP on the left side, Rampage in the Middle, and Anderson silva on the right side.

Sick man, my thoughts exactly. That would be great cover. Good call, props.
4/29/08 3:36:14PM
it really matters on whether this will be a yearly release. if it's a one time deal then put multiple guys, but if they plan to sell like Madden they should find someone who did really well that year (not necessarily a champ) and just throw him up there. If one time gig, im down for GSP, Rampage and Silva. If a yearly thing, then get whoever in the game is given the best overall everything and throw him on the cover (b/c u kno they assign certain points for strength, speed, striking etc etc).
4/29/08 9:11:34PM
Tim Sylvia!...nah....Rampage...however in Canada St. Pierre should be on the front, and in the Latin countries Anderson should be.
4/30/08 2:29:35AM
I agree it matters how often they plan aon releasing a ufc game. with that being said it should be gsp, silva, and Rampage. but I don'; think it will because ufc is not mainstream enough so it will most likely be liddell and rampage although I don't think people wouldn't know who the first 3 were
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