Face Memory IQ Test

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10/7/12 8:09:46PM
Found this test online today. Thought it would be interesting to see how the PG stacks up


Test takes about 10 minutes. Post your score.

I scored a 116 with 91% correct
10/7/12 8:31:25PM
Cool test..

Your immediate memory IQ score: 114 78% of the 12107 people that have so far completed this task have performed worse than you did. You correctly identified 89% of items.

Just showed it to a friend, he got 99% first go!
10/7/12 9:07:03PM
Ha random as test.

I scored 100 and got 80% correct... still 10 times better than I thought I would have done
10/7/12 9:08:53PM
i got a 108 with 86% correct. a solid "B" still beats most of my grades in high school. look out world, im going straight to the top
10/7/12 9:59:37PM
Scored a whooping 70%. I think it's partly to do with me watching football as I was taking the test. I am pretty bad at remembering names though.
10/7/12 10:46:38PM
I got 82% (score 103).

I am horrible at this in real life.
10/8/12 2:34:52PM
It was fun.
10/8/12 4:01:17PM
111 points for 88% correct. I tried to take it again but it won't give me a score the second time around. In-fact, taking it the second time around proved to be more difficult because some faces and names from the first test are still in your memory bank.