Fabricio Werdum Crowned as ADCC 2009 Champion

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9/27/09 9:45:08PM
Eight champions have been crowned in Barcelona, Spain as part of the latest edition of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club.

ADCC is a submission tournament held every two years from various platforms ranging across the globe featuring the most dangerous ground fighters in the business.

The event featured a variety of notable mixed martial artists, including Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum who ended up grabbing championship honors in the 218+ pound category.

9/27/09 10:46:52PM
Great BJJ on that guy!!
9/27/09 11:52:51PM
LOL.. and the UFC cut him Still not exactly sure why they did that
9/27/09 11:58:19PM
Good for Werdum
9/28/09 12:29:21AM
Sounds like ADCC 2009 was one of the best ever. Some major upsets and some spectacular submissions. Pe de pano gettig beat by flying armbar is CRAZY!

9/28/09 12:34:33AM

Posted by Jackelope

LOL.. and the UFC cut him Still not exactly sure why they did that

His release reminds me of when they released Trigg years ago. He knocked himself out of title contention, but he is too good to use as a gate keeper. He would just continue to knock off young up n comers.

I think the real head scratcher is..... WHY ISN'T GLOVER TEXIERIA NOT IN THE UFC?!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to grab him NOW! The guy is good at BJJ and has some seriously dangerous hands.

I would also like to see Magahales get another shot. I do not htink he will ever be a great fighter IMO, but he can be entertaining. Unfortunately I just do not think he is tough enough to beat a lot of people. He sure can be good for a highlight reel sub every now and then though.
9/28/09 11:14:22AM
congrats for werdum

look for some of these guys to make the transition to mma in the next year or so
9/28/09 11:40:40AM
It doesn't say it in the link but Saulo Ribeiro was the guy Monson defeated for the Bronze in the 218+ division, and after the fight Saulo announced he was retiring from competition. Xande took the -218 division.

The biggest news though was that Braulio Estima took out Andre Galvao in the -194 division finals by inverted triangle and followed that up with a performance in the Absolute division by Rear Naked Choking Marcelo Garcia in the Quarterfinals and outpointing Magalhaes 7-0 in the Semi-Finals. He ended up taking the Absolute division when Xande suffered an arm injury in the finals.

Keep an eye out for Estima, he's expected to make his MMA debut in the next year.

9/28/09 12:05:56PM
Dammit. I almost put money on Werdum.
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