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6/24/09 9:04:08AM
Saturday night's Ultimate Fighter Finale featured five televised fights, three of which won co-Fight of the Night honors and the other two which crowned the winners of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. So there wasn't much time left over to talk about the fights that didn't make the Spike TV broadcast.

But you can watch those non-televised fights on, and after watching the undercard online I think it's worth mentioning one fighter in particular: Tomasz Drwal, who beat Mike Ciesnolevicz by first-round technical knockout.

6/24/09 11:46:40AM
First off Tomasz was gassed in that first round before he dropped that amazing knee.

So if he gets some decent conditioning then keep two eyes on him.
6/24/09 12:31:23PM
Drawl LHW champ 2010!!
6/24/09 7:31:53PM
i think drwal will face shafer next or who knows maybe even alexander
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