Eye Surgery Forces Marvin Eastman out of UFC 77

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9/18/07 7:54:15AM
Marvin “the Beastman” Eastman’s quest for the UFC middleweight title hit a roadblock after a recent visit to the doctor. The UFC veteran had eye surgery last week, and as a result, had to pull out of next month’s UFC 77 fight with UFC newcomer Demian Maia.

9/18/07 10:26:49AM
That's disappointing in more ways than one. I was hoping to see him finally get his first win in the Octagon...it's also disappointing when you consider that the Tito/Rashad rematch is pushed to 78. I just hope the UFC is able to put together at least one more good match-up for 77.
9/18/07 12:54:29PM
well for 1 i hope his eye gets better, 2 noooo i wanted to see him fight, well he will be back so i guess i can wait
9/18/07 4:16:57PM
I just wanna know who the hell will replace him in this fight or are they just gonna scrap the fight entirely
9/18/07 5:10:47PM
I was really looking forward to the Beast stepping into the ring. Too bad...guess i'll have to wait a few more months.
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