Extending the Seasons?

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POLL: Should we extend the Seasons?
No. Ten is fine, it gives me a re-up on the competition every so often. 89% (32)
15 would extend it a bit but keep giving us new seasons etc 6% (2)
20 I think if it went longer it would get boring. 0% (0)
25 would cover most of a year and be a better guage of a real Season. 6% (2)
11/19/07 11:02:49PM
I kinda think 10 shows isn't enuf, w/ all the non ppv's etc, I don't knwo what everyone else thinks. You can have one or two bad events and have more chance to maneuver if you wager properly over a longer time period. If we went to say a 15 or 20 or even 25 series it would prob'ly even help prize money go up because there would be fewer seasons/yr.
11/19/07 11:09:27PM
I think that 10 is perfect !!

not too long not too short, it is long enough to manage a team and keep everyones consentrate on the goal and not too long when you have a waiting list like i have of peoples who want to be in my team but have to wait for the beginning of next season !!

the rules was 10 so it as to be 10, if they want to extend it , it should be only for the season 3 and after , not for this season !!

11/19/07 11:13:57PM
25 would cover more than a year. Now that UFC is the only organization to do picks for 25 would last about a year and a half. They have about 4 fight nights a year and if they had a ppv every month it would only be 16. I think 10 is good.
11/20/07 9:11:55AM
I think 10 is also fair, that way there's the resetting every so often to start over and that helps keep it more fair for everyone. Otherwise the same people would likely keep winning over and over, at least in the wagers.
11/20/07 11:17:51AM
Maybe 15 or 20 in the 2nd league, but more then 10 in the UFC league would be way too long
11/20/07 1:33:11PM
For players who fall far behind, and want to start over and have a equal chance again, more than 10 would hurt them. Sure they have more time to earn money, but so do the people at the top, who are already ahead of them. A short, but not too short season allows for people to get just enough ahead that there can be one defined champion, and then starts over so that everyone has a chance again.. I'm glad they go with 10.
11/20/07 10:23:02PM
i am fine with ten
11/21/07 12:08:01AM
w/o even looking i think this year
13ppv's (none in Jan, but 2 mos w/ 2)
+2 tuf finale's
+6 unf's ( i think, we skipped the first cuz the website just started)
=21 events (just ufc that we bet on this year)
(this year we had one or two pride events to add but they couldn't be incl on future debate)
of course it would have to be effective next season not this.

Maybe I was reaching too far w/ 25. but the original setup (when PRIDE still was around) allowed for 3 per yr. I'd like to see no more than 2/yr. Allow a little room. the long term can work a lot diff from the short term. Any poker player knows you play the long game diff from the short. But you can just be making a move on bets or sumthing, and hte season is almost over. Just throwing it out, guess it doesn't have a lot of support.
11/27/07 9:03:25PM
10 is fine. It already makes me annoyed I have to wait 2 more events until I start a new season/
11/27/07 9:20:33PM

Posted by thepunisher

Maybe 15 or 20 in the 2nd league, but more then 10 in the UFC league would be way too long

Yes...the 2ndary league has events all the time...should be 20 there.
12/4/07 9:05:17PM
If you have more than 10 events and someone falls behind in a event or two they are screwed for a longer period of time.
Its not so much fun when you bet you $40 on a underog and win 300 and you see someone has won 30k.
10 events is a fairly long enough period anyways. Some people are getting way up there at the end.

But Ultimately. More Seasons is better for the players for 1 main reason. MORE REAL MONEY. Remember $250 is given out at the end of every season. More seasons better chance of winning.
i woulda thought you guys would want fewer events per season.
12/5/07 7:25:48AM

Posted by Scott_Revels

For players who fall far behind, and want to start over and have a equal chance again, more than 10 would hurt them.

true BUT with the start of Season 3 after UFC 79 then the money for getting picks right will be increased like it was for the secondary league, so you always get about $200-$300 for getting picks right per event, as long as you dont wager retardadly you are fine, i had a bad 1st event this season but managed to work my way up to a very nice bankroll

Poor Jimimak
Sorry brother but that is the most lopsided poll result ive ever seen, you are on your own bro
12/5/07 10:16:26AM
I think 10 is fine for the main game because i feel like ive been on this site for along enough time that i feel like a regular and ive still only participated in one UFC event. I think you might lose a lot of people who are waiting to have a chance to compete so they leave til the next season starts and then forget about it.

I think Secondary needs to be bumped up to 20 though as ive already participated in 3 or 4 of those.
12/10/07 7:37:22PM
The UFC season is too long already... when there was a Pride, there was an event every 2 weeks or so... now we have had to wait as long as 5-6 weeks... that is ridiculous, and not fun to have to wait that long..

IMO they should do Strikeforce, Elite XC and UFC under the same league.... this system was designed when Pride still existed.