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7/23/11 3:41:04PM
I came across this YouTube vid, and I'm just perplexed. Here's the YouTube up-loaders description....

I made a 24/h time-lapse video outside of my balcony on 5th and Spring in Downtown LA. I noticed a peculiar man walking, err… drifting along the street as if the wind was blowing him and nothing else. It’s 8 times the speed of normal time, so this video is about 5 minutes in real time.

So yeah, Alien? Something really strange here. Like I've seen some people on all kinds of drugs moving in all sorts of messed up ways, people that got some stomach issues kinda rumbling along, etc... But this? Why does it take him 2 light cycles to cross a street? Whats the deal with that shuffling? All I know is that if this cat walked by me, I'd be following him to wherever the hell it was he has shuffling to.....
7/23/11 3:56:28PM
It definitely looks strange but the fact that it is sped up kinda throws it off.
7/23/11 4:48:03PM
Must have been bored.
7/23/11 6:28:23PM
everyday he shufflin'
7/23/11 11:52:55PM
It is what it is hes pobably has a serious mental disorder...theres lots of people out there like that
7/24/11 3:22:22AM
My thought is that is has to be doctored somehow, otherwise I'm just going back to the "I'm stoned" thread.
7/24/11 12:25:00PM
Didn't look like his feet ever lifted off the ground, he just slid them along rrrreeeeaaaallll sssslllloooowwww
7/25/11 2:01:00PM
Technically I could do something like that myself in video..Its easy since the camera is fixed...would not be hard....It woudl not be hard but I really think he was just senile..
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