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1/26/09 8:37:05PM
Alright, I was just wondering what kind of experience do you need / should you need, for your 1st fight. Im outa school, and wouldn't say im LOOKING for a fight, but just want to get a idea of what kind of experience you need.
I have a short but good wrestling backround.
Big BJJ and Boxing backround.
Working on MT.

The only experience i have other then wrestling in highschool, is i did a few grappling competition, mainly NAGA. An placed in all.
I would think thats enough experience other than training around a few diffrent places for a few years, correct? Your thoughts.
1/26/09 9:13:35PM
Shouldn't be long. You should join up at a school that teaches MMA and I'm sure your trainer would be able to gauge whether you are prepared or not. Finding one in NJ shouldn't be too much trouble.

On another note, hopefully I'll see you at the Naga event this year in Rhode Island Feb 14th.
1/27/09 11:28:30PM
your experience is fine bro i had 2 year of KB and only 4 months of BJJ and Wrestling and fought MMA.

just remember the harder you train the easier the fight
2/22/09 7:05:38PM
yea you seem to have more experience then many who compete for the first time.
3/23/09 12:49:53PM
perfect...i seen guys go in with way less experience and did just fine. A standup coach would be helpful to get also. The more well rounded your game is the better off you are.....but no matter what, Don't forget your cardio!!!
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