Exorcist Submission (complements of Bas Rutten)

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7/2/08 6:18:12PM
Do you guys think this is legit?

It looks painful but I don't think any veteren fighter would tap to it. I think it is more like the "Can Opener".

Exorcist choke/sub here
7/2/08 7:01:47PM
Agreed... It looks like it would be a great transition move at the most..
7/2/08 8:33:10PM
The thing is, it seems like you'd need resistance in order to hold the head in place, but when you get a guy who is sweating bullets, I can't imagine being able to crank his head over far enough while also compensating for the sweat. Hard move to pull off it looks like.
7/3/08 8:55:48PM
Good way to snap a dudes neck.
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