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11/21/08 2:20:05PM
We talked with “Stankie” recently to find out who he is and how he came to be standing next to Big Nog, going on semi-coherent rants about sardines. What we learned is that from working undercover during the Watts Riots, to training Oscar de la Hoya for the Olympics, here is a man who has lead an interesting life. And he was more than happy to tell us about it, in his own roundabout way.

11/21/08 2:25:29PM

So I went down to city hall and took the test. For the psych test there was a Rorschach ink blot test. I had gone to college and written a paper on that thing, so I knew what to say. If you looked at it and said you saw two dogs f*cking underneath a tree with blood all over it, you know, you’d be in trouble. So I got through and suddenly I was a cop.


11/21/08 3:00:43PM

Occasionally. Would you like to make a bet?

Not if I have to bet on Mir.

Ha, ha! You’re smarter than I thought.

man stankie is awesome
11/21/08 3:40:13PM
Stankie really is the best
11/21/08 4:08:20PM
stankie is the man

great interview
11/21/08 4:11:12PM
I almost don't want TUF 8 to end because of Stankie. Hopefully we haven't seen or heard the last of him.
11/21/08 4:56:32PM
Bader said Stankie is trying to get the UFC to put him on the next season as well. Hes probably one of the best things to ever come out of the TUF
11/22/08 8:49:57AM
ROFL, Stankies Rorsach test " if you see 2 dogs fuc**ng covered in blood ,your in trouble"
11/23/08 3:19:17AM
great article
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