Exclusive: Sokoudjou On Karo, Fedor-Lindland, Next Fight [Pt. 2]

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5/6/07 9:39:43AM
On May 3, MMANews.com's own Chris Howie sat down with current PRIDE 205 lb. sensation Sokoudjou to discuss his wins over "Lil Nog" and Arona, his one pro MMA loss, his judo match with Karo Parisyan, his thoughts on Fedor grabbing the ropes versus his teammate Matt Lindland, his upcoming PRIDE fight in July and tons more!

5/6/07 10:30:40AM
Classy and exciting guy, can't wait to see him fight again
5/6/07 7:46:13PM
seems like a good guy...a little too biased when it comes to his team, completely dismissing Shogun's chances against Dan Henderson is ridiculous, I know they are on the same team but come on...
12/30/07 6:11:49PM
yeah he is def over the top with his admiration of his team. his thoughts on dan and matt vs fedor were a little nutty. that said, you can tell how much he looks up to those guys and it is great that he gives them so much respect. that makes it excusable that he is able to give so much respect to those that have been doing this longer than him.
12/31/07 12:02:03PM
I was really dissapointed in Soko's performance and thought he would win that fight but i honestly think it was the UFC jitters and though the UFC should have given him some one a little easier to start out like they did for Rampage and Cro Cop. I mean when he was in the clinch i was expecting better and some judo throws so i think his next fight we will see a much better Soko.
I couldn't stop laughing when he came out in that Predator helmet oh man that was classic.
War Soko
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