*Exclusive New Interview with Thiago "The PitBull" Alves*

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6/20/08 1:04:40PM
Check out MMATurf for exclusive interview from Thiago Alves done by MMATurf's very own Penny Buffington!!

From part of the Interview:

“The end of 2006 I got caught with diuretics and I got suspended for 8 months. But not for this fight though I really sprained my ankle. I was going to turn down the fight and I called my manager and everything and we called the UFC management.” -Thiago Alves

For the Complete interview go to MMATurf and click on Interviews...New ones are posted daily!!!!!!
6/20/08 1:38:39PM
Not sure who the dame is who put on this interview, but I'm not too impressed with her.

She really gets to the nitty gritty with questions like:

"So you do plan to remain a welterwight then?.....Ok, great geat."

Follow that hard hitting journalism up with:

"So you plan on remaining a welterweight, and you plan on sticking with the UFC as well?"

"And um, you train with American Top Team?"

I'm not sure where this interview was supposed to origionally aire, but it almost sounds like she's interviewing him for an online dating profile.

"Um do you have a manager?"

The only question she asked that you would find in a real interview was:

"What can we expect in the future from you?" To which Thiago replies "Um, a lot of knockouts."

Hard hitting stuff here.
6/20/08 7:20:30PM
well, in that case.. i'm glad i didnt wast time looking for the interview
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