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2/8/08 4:26:02PM
MMAWeekly recently spoke with UFC vice president of government and regulatory affairs Marc Ratner about working to get MMA sanctioning in more states and continue expanding UFC into new territories.

2/8/08 4:29:01PM
i read this a little while ago and was going to post it. another good move by zuffa/ufc to make sure they have state governing bodies behind them before holding events in areas that would allow but dont have sanctioning. obviously these guys want legitimicy and that cant be anything but good.
2/8/08 4:36:25PM
"With the UFC’s record sellout in Montreal on Friday, he also said that Vancouver is a possibility for a future event and the promotion is still working with the province of Ontario, another place in Canada where MMA is not currently sanctioned or legalized.

“We’ve invited the Ontario commissioner to the fights in Montreal,” Ratner said. “I think this huge crowd and this early sellout will certainly open their eyes from an economic standpoint if nothing else.”

Hopefully Vancouver city council gets its head out of its ass and reinstates MMA in the Greater Vancouver area. An event here would be just as crazy as one in Montreal or Toronto.
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