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2/18/07 11:21:13PM
Same source (UFCMania) as the Georges St. Pierre interview.

Click here for full details.
2/18/07 11:47:57PM
Thanks for posting that. Really informative interview. he covered a lot of ground. I hope he does get to fight Karo. Would be an exciting fight IMO. Also, noticed that he said he would never fight a teammate either, I agree with that resoning . He also, said he would leave if he got a Vera type offer from Elite XC, which would make sense if I beleived they will be around for that whole contract . Who knows , maybe they will and I'll eat my word's. He had a very good point about dark matching people coming back to bite the UFC in the butt, as I think it will if Marquardt does get the next title shot. Another reason all the fight's should be shown on PPV to me.
2/19/07 8:01:38AM

2/19/07 8:57:08AM
Thanks for the interview. Always nice when people post these things.
2/19/07 10:11:33AM
Yup, no problem.

I always surf the internet for these because I also enjoy reading them myself.
2/19/07 3:12:46PM

Posted by MMA

Same source (UFCMania) as the Georges St. Pierre interview.

Click here for full details.

Thanks for the link. Great interview!

2/19/07 4:52:24PM
"In fact, he [Hironaka] kind of helped me out. I had only about 75 percent of full breathing out of my left nostril since the last time I broke my nose. After he broke it, the nose popped over so it’s back up to about 90 percent or something."

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