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9/6/08 4:35:40PM
Chuck Liddell isn’t the easiest man to get on the phone. But our buddy Ben Zeidler pinned him down yesterday for a wide-ranging discussion on his impending title shot, Dana White’s trustworthiness, money, and tonight’s UFC 88 fight against Rashad Evans. (Quick prediction: “I’m gonna knock him out.”) So without further ado…


CAGEPOTATO: What’s the plan for Rashad Evans?
CHUCK LIDDELL: I’m gonna punch him until he falls down and then I’m gonna punch him a few more times until they stop me. Can’t give you more of a gameplan than that. Simple.

Can you handle Rashad’s wrestling? You wrestled at San Luis Obispo, but Evans is one of the top wrestlers in the sport.
I mean, that’s definitely one of his strengths and you have to worry about it, but you know, I was a Division I wrestler myself so I can handle him.

What do you see happening if the fight goes to the ground? Will you stay there or try to stand back up?
I’ll try to stand back up. The plan is to get back to the feet and make him work to keep me down. No matter where the fight is, he’ll have to work.

What from your strategy will you bring in from the Wanderlei fight and what will you leave out?
I’ll probably use just about everything.

9/6/08 5:42:07PM
He acts a little over coffident dont you think.
9/6/08 6:09:45PM
What's strange is he does not know the fight game as well as I think. You can argue who is the number pound for pound Fedor and Anderson. And really it's a coin toss. But to say even GSP or BJ Penn, who I am big fans of, is the number 1 pound for pounder is weird my thinking.. It has to be either Fedor or Anderson, how can anybody make an argument for anyone else? Just looking at MMA the last few years, those are the guys who have made the best statements. For sure.
9/6/08 6:10:09PM
I take it you didn't read the ENTIRE interview Casey?
9/6/08 8:23:27PM
I don't think I've ever seen someone successfully avoid answering so many questions in a single interview.
9/7/08 5:30:14PM
That's because he was knocked out before this interview......
9/7/08 9:00:08PM

Posted by Porch28

That's because he was knocked out before this interview......

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