Exclusive: IFL Comments on UFC Champion Randy Couture

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1/11/08 11:29:12AM
So, what is Randy Couture's involvement in the IFL Mixed Martial Arts league? Rumors have been swirling around the MMA world regarding the reigning UFC Champion, whose contract dispute or retirement (depending on whose legal analysis you listen to - UFC's or Couture's) has left him in a very interesting situation.

Couture, under contract to UFC, appeared at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Chris Horodecki's corner for the main event of IFL's Grand Prix Finals on December 29th, which was broadcast on billionaire Mark Cuban's HDNet. Earlier in December, IFL co-founder Kurt Otto mentioned Couture's name as a possible coach during the IFL's conference call to discuss their plans for 2008, but wouldn't commit to anything in terms of Couture's appearances.

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