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6/18/08 7:09:14PM
Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy is one of the newest fighters on the UFC roster. With his record standing at 19-6 with 1 no contest he has established himself as one of the top fighters in Europe, fighting out of Team Rough House in the UK and Xtreme Couture and Legends in the USA.

Dan was in back in the UK to attend his first ever UFC event, UFC 85 and we caught up with him on the morning of the event to sit down and get his thoughts on his move to the UFC amongst other things.


6/18/08 9:41:46PM
Good interview, seems like dans a cool guy, im looking forward to seeing him in the octagon. Im just praying they match him up with paul taylor becouse nobodies going for a takedown in that fight, it would be sick.
6/19/08 2:16:08AM
so i am guessing he will fight in oct against paul taylor or kelly
6/19/08 5:00:57PM
Hardy is a great addition to the roster and he can represent Nottingham for us across the pond
6/19/08 6:45:58PM
Props to the HIT PIT!

Good interview
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