Exclusive: Dan Hardy's first interview on Markham fight

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11/29/08 11:32:26PM
MMABAY - How do you feel about the fight between you and Rory Markham?

Hardy - I'm excited! Its not only a great fight for me but a great fight for the fans too. Markham is an exciting guy to watch, he always comes to fight and has some impressive knockouts on his record. We are similar fighters in the fact that we like to stand and trade punches and neither of us will be willing to back down. I was at his debut back in July and I remember thinking at the time that I would like to fight him, now I get a chance to do it infront of a British crowd.

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11/30/08 5:12:54AM
this should be an exciting tussle. i was just wondering the other day when rory's next fight would be. i'm gonna lean towards hardy, but it really could go either way imo.
11/30/08 3:03:38PM
Well, that will setttle the earlier debate on wether or not Hardy is going to sign then.
11/30/08 8:14:34PM
Good fight, also gives the judges an opportunity to visit the washroom while saving on scorecards. Someone is taking a nap in this affair.
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