Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?

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POLL: Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?
Chuck Liddell 17% (19)
Wanderlei Silva 26% (30)
Georges St. Pierre 28% (32)
Mirko Flipovic 23% (26)
Mike Swick 2% (2)
Melvin Guillard 4% (5)
10/19/07 8:29:40AM
Mike Swick's in there? lol, he's good but one of the most exciting?
11/27/07 11:11:16PM
Rampage....but on your list, Wandy
11/27/07 11:28:49PM
I said GSP. He pushes it and is great anywhere the fight goes. I don't think he's ever had a boring fight.
11/28/07 12:50:05AM
whoever says sherk obviously likes manhumping
11/28/07 11:22:06AM
IMO Andersen Silva, then GSP
11/28/07 12:03:32PM
i love robbie lawler so i'd have to go for him over any of them
11/28/07 9:23:48PM

Posted by patupman

1) Robert Emerson

rob emerson likes to jump people like a gang of crypt's, how can you like the scum of the earth. look around you'll find the video where he goes around with his lame little crew and beats up unsuspecting people, what a bunch of faggot cowards who **** each other, i would kill them with a gun if they ****** with me
11/28/07 9:32:53PM

Posted by d_block07

Karo Parysian. his judo throws come out of knowhere and are exciting as hell. i picked melvin though because whether hes winnin or losing its excitin as hell, rick davis, josh neer, joe stevenson, gabe rudiger.

I definitely agree with you about Karo, aside from his last fight, he hasn't put on a boring fight. IMO his fight with Nick Diaz was an instant classic, as well as his fight with Diego. It's usually non stop action, and I can't complain that it goes to decision, because that just means more exciting fights to watch.
11/29/07 1:11:43AM
Fedor and Guida would have been my top picks, but I chose Wandy since there were no other options.
Fedor is obviously a bad ass and Guida fights like one of those rabid zombies from 28 days later.

How about some props for Houston Alexander? Yeah, he had a loss last time out, but you really never know what he is going to bring. He is great to watch.

In my opinion anyone who can fight like a rabid zombie (aka Guida) for 3-5 rounds gets my vote for "most exciting fighter"

11/29/07 4:55:57AM
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11/30/07 8:22:21AM
Houston Alexander is the most exciting to watch, I also think Tank Abbot is exciting but he and HA fight a lot alike and Tank is not longer a factor, so HA it is!
I have only seen HA fight 3 times but everytime was very action packed, win or lose it didn't matter.

11/30/07 1:06:21PM
Robbie Lawler, Chuck, and CHRIS LEBEN hahaha
12/1/07 12:19:48PM

Posted by MondayNiteMauser

Robbie Lawler, Chuck, and CHRIS LEBEN hahaha

I'll add Lawler to my list also, great fighter, always fun to watch.
12/1/07 4:43:25PM
GSP, Cro Cop and BJ Penn, basically because they are the only fighters right now that I care whether the win or lose.
12/1/07 4:52:59PM
Chuck liddell, Anderson Silva, and George St Pierre are the most exciting fighters in mma today
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