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7/7/08 3:58:58PM
close but i would say chuck wand

7/7/08 3:59:43PM
Yes. Chuck vs Wandy for sure.
7/7/08 4:00:15PM
Chuck v Wand by a loooooong shot.
Rampage v Griffin was not that good of a fight IMO
7/7/08 4:00:15PM
yea Chuck/wandy, would have been better though if it were 5 rounds.
7/7/08 4:03:06PM
Chuck vs. Wandy, hands down. Griffin did his job, but that fight was no battle like Liddell/Silva.
7/7/08 4:05:07PM
Chuck vs Wandy for sure. They really came in and slugged it out. Rampage vs Forrest was more of a tactical fight. I enjoyed it, but it wont go down in the record books as one of the better fights of the year.
7/7/08 4:08:23PM
Chuck and Wand by a mile..
7/7/08 4:12:59PM
Chuck and Wand
7/7/08 4:51:40PM
Rampage/Griffin was more well rounded and was pretty back and forth in itself. But you can't beat two sluggers going toe to toe non-stop, no backing down for 15 minutes straight!

Now if Rampage/Grffin actually had a sick KO, then maybe you could have a case, but I'll going with everybody else with Wandy/Chuck.
7/7/08 5:28:47PM
Chuck vs Wand was much better in my books
7/7/08 8:28:14PM
wand/chuck easily
7/8/08 3:22:48AM
rampage griffin
title fight
controversially close decision
kick ass fight
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