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5/15/12 12:46:20PM
I have decided to venture futher a field and approach international fighters to be on the MMA Mental Podcast rather then just UK fighters. I am please to announce we will have our first Canadian fghter on the show.

Nick 'The Ninja of Love' Denis.

Well excited.

We also have our first female fighter on the show: Rosi Sexton
5/15/12 1:34:56PM
Very nice Ray. Keep up the good work
5/15/12 1:37:02PM
Thanks Brandon!
5/15/12 2:04:46PM
Congratulations Ray! You have good reason to be excited! Before you know it you'll be flying to all the events and press conferences, doing fight night interviews and meeting Dana f-ing White
5/15/12 2:06:53PM
That sounds awesome mate.
5/15/12 2:32:06PM
I believe in you bud! The lack of credible/respectable MMA journalists/coverage is astounding. If you keep bringing the quality, and the international flair.... Well hey, you're already doing big things! I wouldn't doubt you could start getting credentials for smaller shows. Hell, next UFC event to come to your area I'd say try and get that media pass
5/15/12 2:34:56PM
Thanks mate, Im enjoying doing this, if anything else was to come of it then that would be a bonus. I love getting the chance to interview and speak to the people I do. Its wicked. Yesterday I was at work and I got a text from James Thompson, letting me know he was back in the UK and looking to arrange his next appearance on the show, how cool is that lol!
5/15/12 3:57:06PM
Great guests Rabi!
5/15/12 4:03:29PM
Thanks Budge, always got the impression that your a big fan of Denis!
5/16/12 11:57:15AM

Posted by Rabi

Thanks Budge, always got the impression that your a big fan of Denis!

Of course, he's the Ninja of Love! Best nicname ever.

Congrats on the guests Ray
5/16/12 6:48:04PM
Thanks Corey
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