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3/23/08 1:40:22AM
I don't know that I am that excited in UFC 83 once it gets past the main event.

Rich v Lutter is a good second fight, but past that I am not really that interested.

What are your thoughts???
3/23/08 1:44:34AM
Yeah, other than the main event there are a lot of weak fights on the card. I'm not usually the one to complain about fight cards, but it appears to be pretty weak on paper. The fights could turn out to make it a 10/10 though. I'm just glad to see that Canada get their first UFC event hosted there, just wish that there were better fights lined up.
3/23/08 1:49:44AM
Yeah I was going to actually post a thread closer to the PPV "Are you actually going to order this PPV"?

This PPV looks pretty bad IMHO. A lot of boring match ups. I know it's all about skill and technique but still. None of these fights have potential to be a war except Bisping/Charles and Charles is suppose to be a stepping stone but hopefully he crushes Bisping and the Canadian judges are better the the British ones.

The only fight I actually want to see is Cain Vesalques fight. And that's only because Fitch talks highly about his teammate being the next big thing at HW. And that's a prelim probably.

Lutter/Franklin on paper IMO looks VERY lackluster, Serra/GSP looks lackluster since I can't see GSP finishing Serra, so it will be GSP LNP(Not GNP since Serra's a wizard on the ground and think he can neutralize GNP) or a quick Serra TKO like last time.

Thank God for the video section and the internet
3/23/08 10:31:02AM
Kalib and Quarry should be a good fight and Im a Mac Danzig fan so hopefully he lookds good at 155.

I could care less about Bisping and McCarthy probably won't watch this fight unless someone gets KO'D.

The two fights that interest me won't be broadcast like Ed Hermna vs. Damian and Stout vs. Clementi which have potential to be good fights.

Jason Macdonald vs. Joe Doerkson does nothing for me along with the Goulet fight and I've never heard of Jason Day prior to this card so overall your right it is a little lackluster.

I give this card 2/5

3/23/08 10:39:19AM
I wanna see Serra KO GSP and I wanted to see the Herman fight and Bisping but not to excited about the others Rich will hopefully put on a good show but we'll have to see.
3/23/08 10:42:56AM

Posted by hails

I don't know that I am that excited in UFC 83 once it gets past the main event.

Rich v Lutter is a good second fight, but past that I am not really that interested.

What are your thoughts???

I doubt that I'll buy this one. And that's crazy, because I'm a hardcore fan. I haven't decided if I'll go to a sports bar to watch it or not, but I'm definitely not going to pony up 44.95 just to see these fights. Plus, I can watch all of them on the Net after the event anyway.
3/23/08 3:58:32PM
I really wanted to see Herman vs. Maia I think this will be match of the night or submission of the night for Maia. Other than that Franklin vs. Lutter does nothing for me....... and GSP vs. Serra is intriguing but I think it will go the whole way with GSP getting the UD. The other fights do nothing for me.


The Sam Stout vs. Rich Clementi should be a good fight.
3/23/08 4:05:04PM
yeah, i was thinking the exact same thing when i saw the fight card. It didn't really pump me up and make me excited to wait for it. I actually only want to watch GSP-Serra and i wanna see the Quarry-Starnes fight. I think that that fight has the potential to be Fight of The Night.
3/23/08 4:05:08PM
Well i cant wait to see rich back in the cage, i think hes going to beat lutter up for all of the 3 rounds. I also cant wait for gsp to k.o serra, i really dont mind the fact people think hes the best ww or whatever, its just the fact everybody thinks hes got this amazing striking, which is absolute b.s.

Also i think quarry vs starnes is going to be amazing, i think there both gona come out swinging and itl be a war.

Im also excited to see how the count does down at 185. Hopefully he'll demolish chainsaw charles and silence some of his critics with a good showing.

Im also curious to see macs debut. Im really expecting big things from this guy and i think hes going to put on a clinic. Hes normally fun to watch either way though.
3/23/08 5:36:25PM
Im not going to lie, if u took the UFN on April 2, and added GSP Serra, it would be far better than if GSP Serra was on 83. but i am SO HAPPY to see Damian Maia vs Ed Herman, and also Lutter vs Franklin. I am bummed that Cote isn't fighting in Canada, but i am also happy J Mac is. all in all, it will be an awesome night, and it will be a great night of fights!

3/23/08 5:47:53PM
I'm not one to judge a card based on how it looks on paper. I learned my lesson from the "stacked" event.

I am more stoked in general about the the UFC putting on shows with more fights (up to 12) and having fighters fight (mostly) people that they should be fighting. It's nice to see some match ups with some balls.

As for the question in hand, being Canadian, I am happy to see a number of Canadian fighters on the UFC 83 card. I'm not expecting them to be any better or worse than any other card out there, but I am happy to see some home town guys fight.

I think this card has just as much potential to rock as it does fail (like almost all cards).
3/23/08 9:36:13PM
every ufc fight pretty much pumps me up. it will be a record setting ufc 22000-23000 fans including myself. you can never say a fight card is weak untill after the fights. wait and see. hardcore???
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