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9/9/08 2:07:06AM
Hey guys, I've been training for about a year and a half now....but its all been by myself. I know its COMPLETELY different when with an actual opponent, but I have some questions. My favorite styles are Boxing and Muay Thai, so basically I've been just making sure I'm pretty flexible in the legs, and quick with the hands. I've been trying to perfect my technique and I've been wondering lately.....Am I training for nothing? Nobody wants to spar....and its all been on the bag and lifting weights. Is my self discipline for nothing or will it actually amount to something when I get in a real fight? Also.....second question Are there any really useful excercise techniques I should be doing?

----thanks for the time guys, I realize i wrote alot...but I'd appreciate some input!
9/9/08 3:54:01AM
i can imagine how frustrating it would be training by yourself with no one to spar with and it sound like you really are committed. So i don't know if you have a job or anything but you should really try finding a gym to go to. where are you from im pretty sure there are a bunch of people who could help you find a place. Depending on the gym the price varies but places where i am from usually averages about 100-150 a month. most places has like classes and if you do well and get the basics down they usually have a fighter team that are usually by invitation only and im not sure how much if any the membership increases. You know it costs money but i think you would really enjoying it and if your serious about trying to be a fighter i would highly recommend it. and if you just want to train and don't want to be a fighter and are looking for more of a self defense thing i would recommend the same thing. haha i guess a long question gets along answer
9/9/08 4:01:10AM
oh and sorry i don't know any exercizes for ya buddy. if you need help finding a gym just let me know and i will try and help though, oh and you said you liked muay thai, and i remembered the thai box association of usa website has a list of all there schools that they have appointed as legitimate. It lists them by state and shows if they have a fighter team, if they have a ring, a shower, ect. and every state has a representitive of the association so look for that. and they have a link to the gyms website. by the way if you are under eighteen you will normally need your parents permission so just a warning. luckily my dad was supportive. just send me a pm if you need anything! here is the link. http://www.thaiboxing.com/schools/index.php?SID
9/9/08 1:23:51PM
not sure of any specific exercises that would help.... but where are you located.. sounds like you need a trainer.. you may have someone close to you who could help...
9/9/08 4:37:00PM
mixedmartialarts.com has some great drills and exercizes
9/11/08 8:55:44AM
Research and join a good school in your area. Nothing beats good instruction, Also, the bag doesn't hit back. Things are different with live bullets flying. The school will provide the sparring partners you seek once they deem you are ready.
Also, are you interested in just boxing/muay thai or MMA ??? The recommended exercises will vary depending on your answer.

Lastly, your self discipline is a good thing and the bag work, flexibility and weight training (provided its done properly) are all positives. In a real fight...the fact that you are used to letting your hands and feet "go" and are probably in decent shape will give you a definite advantage against an untrained "joe blow"..... But against some body who knows what they are doing....you are going to have some trouble on your hands. In other words....keep doing what you can....but get into a good school if you really want to be serious about training.
11/21/08 8:50:28PM
www.buildingbodies.ca has some great articles and ideas as well.
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